Sunday, November 6, 2011

Racist Progressive Malice Toward Jewish Self-Determination

The progressive-left has made a happy home for a deeply racist and malicious political element that seeks to rob Jewish people of self-determination and self-defense.

A few recent examples:

Now wait a second, your analogy is flawed. (0+ / 0-)

Then you would advocate Israel, being an "Israeli" and Democratic State, not a "Jewish" and Democratic State.

Greece = Greek

Israel = Israeli.......not "Jewish"

Do you see where your analogy is flawed?

Or can you not see this?

All of the posts on this topic and you still put forward a known flawed analogy.

I shouldn't have even bothered.


by WattleBreakfast on Sat Nov 05, 2011 at 03:52:15 PM PDT

Israel is Jewish in the way that Greece is Greek or China is Chinese.

What racists like WattleBreakfast perpetually do is particularize the Jewish people. We are singled out as the only illegitimate nationality on the planet and then told that we thereby, despite Jewish history, do not deserve a state.

Furthermore, what WattleBreakfast seems unaware of is that the word "Israel" means both the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Here's another one:

Any who calls for recognization (0+ / 0-)

of israel is a jewish state cannot be counted as a secularist.

our one demand? return what was stolen.

by stolen water on Sun Nov 06, 2011 at 07:46:06 AM PST

What this racist is saying is that the Jewish people are not a people, but merely a religion. This, traditionally, has been the Arab line. They seek to rob Jewish people of people-hood in order to rob us of self-determination and self-defense via the Jewish state of Israel and their progressive-left allies pick up the theme in western venues such as Daily Kos.

So long as the progressive movement continues to provide venues, such as Daily Kos, for the spreading of anti-Jewish hatred then the progressive movement, and the Democratic party, should be shunned by the Jewish people.

Oh, and by the way, "stolen water"?

our one demand? return what was stolen.


The Jews have been living on that land for over 3,000 years and for almost half of that time we lived as second and third class citizens, as dhimmis, under the martial heal of Islamic imperialism.

So, who stole what from whom?

In any case, you do not get to demand anything.

At best you may request the consideration of a discussion, but that is all.

The grandchildren of our former oppressors are in no position to demand anything.


  1. Haven't seen a whole lot of sofia recently.

    But, yes, she does represent the part of the progressive-left that is racist towards Jews.

    What they fail to understand, apparently, is that if one has hatred toward the Jewish state than one is a racist.


    You cannot spit malice and then claim to be fair.

    You cannot demonize and debase the Jewish state without being an anti-Semite.

    This is why the distinction between criticism and defamation is so important. It represents the line between analysis and genocidal anti-Semitism.

    In any case, Laurie and I are out and about, today.

    We're still in the process of picking up this and that for the new place. Today we get a fireplace grill and maybe... maybe... we'll actually get a fire going.


  2. Let me add that Jewish, of course, is not just religious.

    Why does everything have to fit into a package anyway?

  3. People are generally ignorant about Jews/Judaism. Look a the whole "chosen people," thing. But how are you going to fix that ignorance in a world that believes no planes hit the pentagon etc?

  4. More proof of official OWS antisemitism

    "The attempted take over of the Israeli Consulate by Occupy another example of the anti-Israel sentiment coming out of the Occupy movement, whose leaders have a long history of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activism. But the liberal media continues to condone the hatred using the excuse "its only a few crazies."

    If this incident was only the work of a few crazies, why was it on the Occupy Boston's calendar of scheduled events? "

    Go to the Yid's site to see the screen capture proof

  5. Did you see what Ira Stoll wrote at his blog,

    I also wrote a blurb about it because I thought it encapsulated the situation nicely.

  6. "Goyim."

    That's actually kinda funny. I never use that term, but my mom used to and as soon as I read that line, Stuart, I could hear her voice.

    Anyways, I concur with school, good comment.

  7. I don't use it often either. Yiddish was my grandparents preferred language and my father spoke it almost fluently. A few expressions still sneak into my conversation when I'm among people that might understand what I'm saying. Just for that particular sentence it fit perfectly. Literally, the word means people. It appears dozens, if not hundreds of times in the Torah and Talmud. Often, maybe most often, to refer to the "people" the Jews lived with. Hence the evolution in yiddish to mean non-Jews. And today, as well as for the last few thousand years, those we live among see even the most assimilated among us as different. Half of us died as a result. Proof, I think, that if any of us is in danger, we all are in danger.

  8. Thanks for the Stoll link oldschool; also your blurb was good. The more places we expose these asses and their lying hypocrisy the better.

  9. Y'know, I wonder about this:

    And today, as well as for the last few thousand years, those we live among see even the most assimilated among us as different.

    Until fairly recently that has not been my experience. This, of course, does not mean that you are wrong, merely that my personal experience does not reflect your claim.

    I was, and am, a very assimilated guy and, until I realized the depth of the hatred toward the Jewish state on the progressive-left, was barely even interested in Israel, period.

    I only started to feel like I was viewed differently because, by standing up for Israel, I was viewed as different.

    I can live with it, tho.