Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Many Arabs Think Like Angry Arab?


I have mentioned the Israel hater Angry Arab before; he who appears on the blog rolls of at least Meteor Blades and the Israel hater soysauce. Here is his latest screed against Israelis who supported the female Egyptian blogger who posted nude on her site to make a point.

"Sunday, November 20, 2011Israeli solidarity with the Egyptian (nude) BloggerI don't want to send that message directly to them so I will send it here. I read that a few Israeli women stripped nude in solidarity with the Egyptian blogger who stripped nude. Why do Israelis intrude into our lives? Why do you get into areas in which you are clearly uninvited and in which you are clearly unwelcome? You are such a bothersome presence. Arabs have made it very clear that they (unlike the tyrants that you like) don't like you and don't want you in their midst. It is none of your business what Arabs do and don't do. Spare us your act of solidarity when you are racists who everyday in your live you take advantage of the racist system that Zionist set up for you. We don't need your silly and fake solidarity. You are not invited to our lives and our activities. You are such an unwanted presence. Take your solidarity and go away. And stop intruding on every aspect of our lives. After we liberate Palestine, and when you are forced to live in a system based on equality (after we subject you to the same military rule that you imposed on the Arabs inside Israel), you may engage in solidarity but even then it won't be wanted. You really are without dignity when you know full well that Arabs don't want to do anything with you, and you keep acting like you are invited to our parties, uprisings, lives and events."

I wonder how many of his brethren feel this way? What does this say about a chance for any peace? This guy is a very popular blogger.

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  1. "A democratic Egypt
    is much less likely to continue to be at peace with Israel than a despotic one."