Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Palestinians Indoctrinate Their Children with Genocidal Hatred of Jews

{Posted by Karmafish}

The progressive-left is a diseased political movement.

If I point to the above video as evidence of Palestinian indoctrination of children with genocidal Jew hatred... which is precisely what we see above... then I am the racist.

In other words, on the progressive-left it is just fine to spread hatred toward Jews but if any Jew points out that this is happening that Jew is a "racist."

And you expect Jews to support the progressive movement?

Ho. Ho. Ho.

{And Merry Christmas.}


  1. Daily, one can find these obnoxious racist insults by Muslims against Jews. Here's another saying Jews control women....Marilyn Monroe no less. My question is why the sane world community is not rising up against this crap.

    Egypt TV: "Jews use women to harm Muslim society"

    Surely you can't be against hatred and allow this kind of thing to go on without comment. So where are the progressives. Where are those concerned with middle east justice? No where to be found of course unless it can be used against Israel.

    Why is no Clarence Jones concerned with this?

  2. My theory is that the progressive movement never really faced up to its internal contradictions and thereby made an unspoken decision to support multiculturalism over universal human rights.

    The progressive movement contained both of these near its heart, yet they are entirely incompatible with one another.

    One cannot favor universal human rights, yet give Muslim gender apartheid a free pass... or, for that matter, genocidal hatred against Jews.

    By choosing multiculturalism over universal human rights the progressive-left, in essence, entirely undermined their very reason to be, as they threw the Jews, Gays, and women of the Middle East entirely under the bus.

    But the bottom line, of course, is that they simply do not care about our well-being in the face of very, very intense hostility which long predates the creation of the state of Israel.

  3. I like to think of it like this; they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. It is beyond their feeble abilities.