Monday, November 21, 2011

A Campaign of Hatred and a Whitewashing of History


The progressive-left's campaign of hatred against the Jewish state is perhaps unprecedented in American political history. There is no other country on the planet, outside of those that we have actually been at war with, that has so much constant vitriol spit at it by "liberals." There is no other country in the world in which seemingly reasonable "progressives" discuss whether or not the country should be dissolved and the Jewish people robbed of autonomy. It is for this reason, among others, that Jewish liberal support for the progressive movement and the Democratic Party is seriously eroding.

The campaign of hatred against Israel, however, is accompanied by an equally egregious whitewashing of Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian history which, if exposed, tends to undermine the fake "Palestinian narrative" of perpetual victimhood. We've recently come up with 11 topics around the Arab war against the Jews that are taboo among progressives... as you can see just to the right... but they were not properly organized.

The organization that I propose breaks these taboo, but historically critical, topics into three categories. These are:

A) Theocratic elements of Arab culture that harms Jews, women, Gay people, and children.

B) The recent construction of Palestinian identity and what it owes to both the Soviet Union and the Nazis.

C) The tactics used by Arabs, and their progressive-left allies, against the Jewish state and against the Jewish people.

Organizing What Must Not Be Discussed:

A) Theocratic Elements of Arab Culture that Harms Jews, Women, Gay People, and Children

1) Arab and Palestinian Koranically-based racism as the fundamental source of the conflict.

2) The centuries of Jewish dhimmitude under the boot of Islamic imperialism.

3) Religiously-based human rights violations against women, children, and Gay people in the Muslim Middle East.

B) The Construction of Palestinian Identity

4) The recent construction of Palestinian identity, its connection to Soviet Cold War politics, and how it is that we have an Arab people with a Latinate, non-Arabic name that refers to Greeks.

5) The historical connections between the Nazis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Palestinian national movement.

C) Tactics

6) The ways in which contemporary progressive anti-Zionism serves as a cloak for gross anti-Semitism.

7) The Palestinian theft and appropriation of Jewish history.

8) "Pallywood."

9) The Arab-Palestinian indoctrination of children with Jew hatred.

10) The progressive portrayal of terrorists as those fighting a righteous war of "resistance."

11) The perpetual refusal of the Palestinian-Arabs to accept a state for themselves in peace next to the Jewish one, while blaming that intransigence on the state of Israel.

D) Demography

12) The demographic configuration of Palestine under the Ottomans.

These topics are taboo within the progressive-left because to discuss them undermines the "Palestinian narrative" of perpetual victimhood and, thus, the project to delegitimize Israel. It is for this reason, for example, that any discussion of "Pallywood" in places like Daily Kos gets met with the howls of "racism!" despite the fact that it is a wholly verified phenomenon.

My intention going forward is to highlight each of these verboten topics into discreet discussions so that we might begin to see how they fit together and how they relate to the Long Arab War against the Jews.


  1. My participation will be spotty for the near future, but there is an important category that I mentioned before concerning the Universal vs. Cairo Declarations of Human Rights that are at odds with each other.

  2. I'm going to have to look into it, School.

    Thanks for the heads up and have a terrific Thanksgiving!