Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A few words from oldschooltwentysix

By oldschooltwentysix

I have been invited to post at Israel Thrives, and decided to make use of the opportunity.

In doing so, however, I wish to make clear that my expressions are my own and should be always be seen in that light.

For example, I am not a former Democrat, but one who believes that most Democrats are not supportive of the tactics used by anti-Israeli crusaders.  That said, I appreciate the general argument that the Democratic Party is too tolerant of antisemitic forces within its ranks, and remain watchful.

I believe in substance over personalities and demonization of ideas, not people.

I believe it is not Islamophobic to expose violations of human rights, aggression and pronouncements of inferiority by regimes and leaders directed toward women, children and non-believers of Islam.

I believe my principles and values are liberal because they prioritize individual human dignity and potential, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, compared to the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam that prioritizes an ideology of religion.  As such, I believe in free expression for people and oppose blasphemy laws and the notion of defamation of religion. 

I believe too many anti-Israel crusaders promote illiberalism and effectively support some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet, with whom they share common ground.

I believe too many of the "intelligentsia" and self-anointed moralists throughout Europe and increasingly in America, particularly in the universities and media, are indiscriminate and disproportionate in scrutiny, engage in double standards, and practice humanitarian racism of lower expectations.

Of course, there is much more.  This is merely a synopsis for today, to give an idea of where I come from and am going, and to distinguish myself.

One place where I wholeheartedly agree:  The day of the dhimmi is over!

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  1. Terrific first post.

    Let me chew on it a little before I respond to one or two of the points.

  2. I'm trying to discern where we disagree and I am not seeing it, really, aside from the fact that you're not a former Dem and I am.

    I agree with you, tho, that most Dems are not actively supportive of anti-Semitic anti-Zionists. In my opinion it is not that as individuals a majority are supportive of this toxic movement, but that as a group, as a whole, they have accepted anti-Semitic anti-Zionism into the movement, as an acceptable part.

    Does that represent support?

    It represents passive support, but only in the sense that it represents acceptance.

    Jews are accepted. And anti-Semitic anti-Zionists are accepted. And they will watch as we fight it out.

    In terms of much of the rest of this piece, it seems to me that we need to be willing to discuss widespread Arab and Muslim race-hate toward Jews, because it is simply a fact, a deadly, even genocidal fact, and we are just so outnumbered.

    On this we are certainly in agreement, I think.

    What most progressives do not seem to get is that the Arab Middle East has very few compunctions about expressing a race hatred toward Jews that any mutual feelings by Jews just pales into insignificance.

    There are just so many more of them and they hate us far, far more than we do them, as anyone can see by viewing recent genocidal rantings Palestinian politicians, religious figures, and children that they shove onto television in order to encourage the next generation of genocidal anti-Semites.

    Progressives... our friends... won't discuss it and because they refuse to do so, Jews... scuse me, "Zionists"... are made to look like racist aggressors.


    We are not.

  3. To me, the idea is to marginalize the extremists and their positions so that they are less welcome. Or that more will lose their fear and speak out.

    I agree that the current environment gives license to the anti-Israel voice, while taking it away from those who wish to counteract and show the widespread antisemitism and hatred towards Jews in the Arab and Muslim world.

    It also seems that Anti-Israel crusaders care more about solidarity than human rights, and showing that is where I somehow hope to make a difference.

  4. Human Rights.

    I would argue that the progressive-left is not the least little bit interested in human rights, for if they were they might have a little something to say about Darfur and the Congo.

    Millions dead, but what they care about is whether or not cumin can get into Gaza.

  5. They are interested in human rights, just more interested in being anti-Israel. They adopt a relativist approach that is demonstrably false and extreme.

    The fact that they are unable to recognize Israel and Jews as victims of aggression shows how relativists compartmentalize to the extent that they disconnect from what they claim are core values. Their greatest flaw, to me, is that they they are so blinded from ideological theories that they cannot or will not address where this leads.

    I agree, however, that their "concern" is superficial, and reserved almost 100% for Palestinians. If they could muster just some of that rage for Israel and direct it against other states that abuse far more, there might be less human suffering at the hands of the state, and overall.