Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Sky Is Falling...AGAIN!

How many years have we heard the refrain that Israel is going to attack Iran? Or that the US is going to do it at Israel's behest? Well, the meme is back!!!Geekesque has a diary.Israel, UK trying to drag US into war with Iran(?)

This has been going on forever; the same old refrain. And the stupid left falls for it every time. Anyone who has been paying attention knows it. The narrative almost always ends up blaming Israel and Geekesque doesn't fail to get there again this time.

And, let's not pretend that even if President Obama fails to join the attack, that the US will not join the hostilities. The United States never misses an opportunity to emphasize that its MidEast policy is Israel-centric.......We all know what would happen in Washington. Massive majorities in both Houses of Congress would demand that the US join the fight.Certainly, the lobby that supposedly does not exist would not press the administration to look after the our own national interest as opposed to backing Israel to the hilt.

The lobby that doesn't exist. Get it? The more things change the more racist Kossacks get.


  1. What they never seem to understand is that AIPAC only wields whatever power it may have because the American people are, by a big majority, favorably disposed to the Jewish state.

  2. Also, I have to say, part of what pisses me off about the situation with Iran is that virtually nobody wants to see a nuclear Iran, but no one (with the possible exception of Israel) will do anything about it.

    Saudi Arabia doesn't want to see Iranian nukes.

    Egypt doesn't want to see Iranian nukes.

    Russia and China do not want to see Iranian nukes.

    Even the French do not want to see Iranian nukes.

    Yet if Israel does what is necessary to set back the Iranian nuclear program, these countries will scream to the heavens about Israeli "aggression."

    It just makes me sick.

  3. There's something we completely agree on.

    Israel sees Iranian nukes as an existential threat. (Duh!)

    Saudi Arabia and Egypt are terrified of Iran with nuclear capabilities. As are, I suspect, every other well defined socio-economic entity in the region.

    And despite arguments (primarily from the an even broader piece of the left than the anti-semetic piece) to the contrary, every intelligence and security agency in the world believes, without reservation, that Iran's nuclear weapons program is moving full steam ahead.

  4. dhonig weighs in with the best comment:

    "Seriously. It should happen at any second. Really. It's just around the corner. All we need is a reference to neo-cons and a good Sy Hersch quote, and the bombs will start dropping.

    Or not.

    Daily Kos has the same batting average on Israel-Iran war that Harold Camping has on the end of the world."

    Then Volley published his own diary to discuss it and miserable hypocritical Israel hating antisemite Christy1947 wrote this

    "Separately, I am so sorry that volleyboy found it (0+ / 0-)
    necessary and appropriate to have to write about this ..... I am always conscious of how much he and many in Team S hoped for so much better for the Israel they see and love than to have to think about and discuss this in particular.


    by Christy1947 on Wed Nov 02, 2011 at 04:42:58 PM PDT"

    Where do they hatch these idiots?

  5. Stuart (or doodad or anyone else),

    What do you think of Daniel Gordis' argument that Iranian nukes means the end of the Zionist project?

    His claims, reasonably enough, that a major reason for the Zionist project was so that never again would the Jewish people live or die according to the whims of non-Jews and that if Iran gets the bomb this will no longer be operable.

  6. Does the Zionist Project stuff matter? Non-Jews probably will decide the fate of everyone, though Jews will have their say as never before. The rift here concerns not only Jews, but Jews are central.

    As for Christy, I wonder if she has any idea of how one sided and condescending she is. She says a lot, but does she say anything? I often have a hard time following her analysis and she can be evasive under criticism or in answering clarifying questions.

  7. I never read Christy, period... for which I think that she should be very thankful.


    "I am always conscious of how much he and many in Team S hoped for so much better for the Israel they see and love..."

    What the hell is she talking about? That somehow if Israel responds to Iranian nukes this will undermine Volley's appreciation for the Jewish state?


    Somehow I doubt that.

    Not me, for sure. I'm not exactly cheer-leading for Israel to do what the rest of the world is to chickenshit to do, but if they do it they will definitely have my support.

    As for the "Zionist project," perhaps I wrote that poorly. My point, of course, is that if Iran gets the bomb then Jews in the Middle East no longer have much control over whether or not they get to live, thus eliminating a major reason why the country exists.

    I find it an interesting perspective and I certainly think that Iran must not be allowed to attain nukes.

    Y'know, if I recall correctly, at one point during the last Bush administration my buddy Arik advised George W. that Iraq was not so much the problem, but Iran was. Sharon actually advised against the US attack on Iraq.

    I think he was quite right.

  8. Getting to live is the same reason why all peoples with states exist. It's just self-determination, and it has been achieved, even if not within the historic parameters or that promised by the two-faced British.

  9. I agree with Gordis. Iran must never obtain nukes; just listen to how crazy they are already.

  10. Oh, and Israel is here to stay despite the wishes of many. Eat that Iran and Kossacks.

  11. I don't know that it's about "crazy," Doodad, but about the contest between Islamists and autocrats in the Arab and Persian Middle East.

    Since '79 the Islamists are on the rise. They started with virtually nothing before the fall of the Shah and now hold the entire country of Iran, all of Gaza, much of Lebanon, maybe 30 percent of Egypt, a rising amount in Turkey, and just the other day, Tunisia.

    And I am probably missing 3 or 4.

    This means that it is Jihad Rising.

    We have to at least begin to discuss this on the left, but the left refuses. Therefore only the right discusses it and thereby controls the entire conversation.

    When the left is not actually supporting the Jihad it has its head entirely in the sand.

    That's the usual posture, I think.

  12. "Islamic Jihad: We don't expect truce with Israel to hold
    11/03/2011 16:41

    Gaza terrorist group says it has 8,000 operatives ready for war; "We are proud and honored to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran gives us support and help," spokesman for group's armed wing boasts....Al-Quds Brigades cells are dotted around Gaza and Abu Ahmed said there was huge demand from youngsters to join......"Warfare has changed. You can't just hide a gun in your jacket like you could in the 1980s," he said, adding that the Jihadist fighters were not afraid of sudden death.

    "It is a good feeling to be under drone attack. When we chose the path of resistance, we opted either for martyrdom or victory. Martyrdom is the more desirable."