Monday, November 14, 2011

Some tips for anti-Zionists

A primer if you will for how to be an antizionist without seeming to be antisemitic. How nice. How Liberal. On the face of it the diary tries to appear balanced but closer reading shows this diarist is simply using the concept to repeat all the 24/7 demonizations we always see about Israel from the usual supects. In fact, the guy IS an antizionist.

"I'm anti-Zionist. I think it's laughable that we're encouraging the creation and growth of a theocracy. It may be a democracy, if you only look at the pre-67 borders, but it's still a theocracy. It has a state religion. It has laws that favor the Jewish religion over and to the exclusion of other religions. I'm against a Jewish state."

He's against a Jewish State. Well sure. That's what antizionists do. They deny Jews and only Jews their own state. Go to Hell you racist clad in sheep's clothing! Antizionism is racism.


Heathlander has a diary up which I am not going to look at right now except to point out this part from the end of it:

"Note: A big hat-tip to Norman Finkelstein for digging up the Palestinian offer and map discussed here, and elaborating its significance. See his forthcoming pamphlet on how to solve to Israel-Palestine conflict, co-written with Mouin Rabbani, for further discussion."

Norman Finkelstein for cripes sake? Derpa, derpa,  Heathlander. Why not just quote from freaking Stormfront? Same damn difference. What is wrong with these "progressive," Kossacks?

BTW here's the current wall of shame for that diary which quotes and thanks the putrid, but beloved and quoted regularly by Stormfront,  Finkelstein:

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What a great crowd you associate with,  usual suspects. What a great crowd indeed. No surprises here.


  1. I would also note that the diary was republished by ADALAH — A JUST MIDDLE EAST. Just what? Justice? Finkelstein is best buds with Hamas and Hezbollah. Is that the kind of crowd a group interested in Justice hangs? Nope. Therefore ADALAH is interested in something else besides justice. Something that includes the wisdom of Hamas/Hezbollah lover Finkelstein. Shame on them.

  2. OMG.......I am going to be sick. The woman never learns:

    "Working on an interview (7+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    PeterHug, Brecht, Terra Mystica, Celtic Merlin, heathlander, pot, unspeakable
    with Finkelstein... he's amazing.

    I have Ward Churchill again Dec 2nd, and Bill Ayers December 9th... Norm would make the month perfect!

    Great reporting, heathlander.

    by Diane Gee on Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 05:41:14 PM PST"

    Look at their heroes. Look at who they want to hear from. WARD CHURCHILL?????? No wonder I hate that fetid swamp, dKos.

  3. ADALAH is not interested in justice. If they cared about justice they would call for two states for two peoples, but they don't.

    This can only mean that they are not particularly interested in two states, but it in the elimination of Israel as the Jewish state.

    Ultimately they would see the Jews living as an oppressed minority (dhimmis) under Arab rule.

    That is, in fact, what they want. If that's not what they wanted they would agree on the two state solution.

    To claim that they want justice is simply false. If they cared about justice they would care about justice in Darfur or the Congo or Tibet, but they never breathe a word about the far, far worse atrocities in those places.

    The hypocrisy is rank.