Thursday, November 10, 2011

Democrats Want Revenge?

According to celebrity Chris Rock they do.

"We want revenge; we don’t want justice. That’s the problem with the Democrats. We want revenge.”  And it's all George Bush's fault because he's no longer President and Democrats want / need somebody to hate.

"In a weird way our complaints about Obama is because we miss Bush. We miss hating somebody."

But not to worry because if Obama gets back in......

"But I believe wholeheartedly if he’s back in, he’s going to do some gangsta sh—.”

I do believe Chris Rock could be right. Let's just hope that,  "gangsta sh—," isn't directed at Israel. Obama has after all directed some that way already.


  1. Well, there's no question that loathing for George W. Bush is pretty much what kept us all together throughout those years.

    I started recovering from Bush Derangement Syndrome sometime after the '06 election and was pretty much fully cured after November '08.

    Now when I see people still in the throws of that particular disease (and there are many millions of them, that is certain) I kinda feel bad because it is not healthy carrying around that much hatred.

    Progressives just lose all human decency when they target someone for hatred. For example, I could not believe the way that people were actually blaming Sarah Palin, for fuck's sake, for the Tucson attack.

    I'm no big fan of Palin, but to make her responsible for that attack was just despicable, yet it was all over progressive-left discourse.

    btw, thanks for the fp material, doodad.

  2. My experience kind of mirrors yours, karma. Hard for me to stay in a group with that kind of horrific hatred. Disdain I get. Normal dislike I get. But the spewing that went (and goes) on is not for me and not very civilized IMO.

    YW for the material. I had a spurt of energy and time on my hands.