Friday, November 4, 2011

" Looks like only the 1% support the Israeli blockade of Gaza.”

Actually the full tweet from the flotidiots today trying to break the Gaza blockade and aid the genocidal Hamas bunnies was: “We are thrilled to receive the support of #OccupyWallStreet Looks like only the 1% support the Israeli blockade of Gaza.” Hence the concern: "Stray Flotilla Tweet Raises Questions About OWS Is the movement becoming explicitly pro-Palestinian?" 

It all started when OWS sent this twitter to the latest flotilla" “We support and would like to express #solidarity to #FreedomWaves #Palestine #ows” Turns out OWS hadn't authorized it and it was later deleted but not before a tremendous outpouring of support by the tweetosphere and this tweet by OccupyFortWorth" “Our support for #Gaza and #Freedomwaves is limitless. It emanates and echoes from the deepest purest regions of our heart. Love. Solidarity.....we don't mind losing followers who are uncritical or unwilling to engage the issues (Or who are reflexively pro-Zionist.)”.

Some are worried for the movement:

"As Sieradski (who, unlike the twitterer, made it clear that he was speaking only for himself) put it, “Once this movement becomes explicitly anti-Israel, you’ll have effectively alienated three times more people than you’ll attract.”

I'd say explicit has come and gone.

 BTW wondering about this Sieradski guy I found this comment by him “Anti-Zionists come and try to make it about Israel,” Sieradski said. “We accept them into the movement, but we don’t allow them to hijack the movement.” Accept them into the movement. Just like we thought. Antizionists welcome as long as you don't steal our show.

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  1. I just thought that they were a bunch of harmless cranks until they turned downtown Oakland into a fucking war zone.