Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kossack quotes Iran TV- gets 103 recs


Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes!

Another reason I despise dKos - the use of Iran's propaganda organ for talking points. Forget whether Blair and Bush deserve such a label. Forget the fact that the finding was from a symbolic trial by Malaysians. Kossacks quoting Iranian propaganda is just wrong. The swamp just gets worse every freaking day. One adult Kossack reminds us:

"No. This was done by an NGO. (17+ / 0-)And the trial was presided by US law prof Francis Boyle, who has informed us that Obama is "bought and paid for by the Jews" and that Israel should be renamed "Jewistan."by johnny wurster on Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 04:43:35 AM PST[ Parent ]"

Jewistan? Wonderful, Kossacks, just wonderful. All 103 of you so far (and rising no doubt.)


  1. As fizziks said in there, Press TV is a banned source at Daily Kos for its antisemitism. To me, at least, it smells like the 100-and-something return of the infamous BughouseWW, rabid antisemite and candidate for world's biggest fan of the Iranian regime.

  2. It gets worse. Another diary about it was front paged by dKos staff Joan McCarter.

    What a swamp. Ptui!

  3. Kudos to fizziks for outing this crapola
    and holding the front pager's feet to the fire. Also kudos to the many who deplored it. Those who defended her...shame on you; you are part of everything that is wrong with dKos.

  4. I tried to got to the link "
    Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes!"

    and got the following error:

    "The error was:
    You do not have permission to view this diary."

  5. Yes, Daniel. Evidently the original diary was deleted but the front page one was still up.

  6. The first diary was deleted by the author, after many objections were voiced, both as to the source and the content of the story. I think it was up for an hour or two. The front page diary about the same subject, by Joan McCarter, is still up. Last I looked it had almost as many hide ratings as recommends in the tip jar. The encouraging part, if there is one, is that no one actually has voiced support for the tribunal, only that they came to the right decision. The absurdity of course, is that using acknowledged douchebags to support a conclusion doesn't actually strenghten an argument.

  7. But using douchbags to support conclusions goes on ALL the time. Especially since about 2 minutes after 9/11.