Friday, November 11, 2011

Israel Worse than South African Apartheid

or treatment of blacks in American South. This according to 2 alleged blacks posters in a new strange diary by the Troubadour.

"No they're not ridiculous, Israel is worse (5+ / 0-)Recommended by:ask, letsgetreal, Terra Mystica, Celtic Merlin, soysauce
.......The situation of the Palestinians is much, much worse than the situation of black South Africans HamdenRice on Fri Nov 11, 2011 at 04:54:23 AM PST"

African American =moral authority for some Kossacks I guess. Of course they probably don't really know Hamden Rice the crazy conspiracy Theorist.

"HamdenRice (1000+ posts) Mon Feb-27-06 03:34 PMResponse to Original message12. BTW, I love that idea -- inside job, we can all agree on that ... nt"

He is well known in those circles. He's a freaking truther! And part of his trutherism is that Israel is "much, much worse than," African Apartheid. This is your brain on trutherism. No wonder moronic Kossacks rec him. They are willing to believe anything and anybody as long as they have the narrative down.

"I am black and from Mississippi 1950s and 60s, (9+ / 0-)Recommended by:Brecht, AllisonInSeattle, mdmslle, a2nite, Diane Gee, HamdenRice, Terra Mystica, Celtic Merlin, soysauce

.....I say the comparisons are nearly OrganizedCrime on Thu Nov 10, 2011 at 10:17:15 PM PST"

Of course OrganizedCrimes litany of legitimate complaints about the 50s/60s south has nothing to do with non-Israeli citizens (ie West Bank Palestinians) using Israeli Citizen busses to Israeli cities and towns.

But, like Hamden Rice's contribution it helps attach black suffering legitimacy to a Palestinian Narrative. It's not about truth; it's about propaganda for a lunatic position that there is Apartheid in Israel and it is far far worse than that in Africa or the US south. I call bullshit and shame on those alleged blacks who lend their heritage to the preposterous outrageous libel.


It appears civil rights icon Clarence Jones has drunk the Kool Aid without getting himself informed of the realities.

"Just as our Freedom Riders in the 20th century were primarily directed to awaken the conscience and sense of decency in the majority of white America, our Palestinian "Freedom Riders" brothers and sisters are seeking, in the 21st century, to awaken the conscience of the world and a majority of Israelis."

As Huffington Post Monitor where I found this info says:

"Clarence Jones does not know about the murderous relationship between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli buses, or he knows but does not care about it. That makes him either a useful idiot who doesn't know what he is talking about, or he is malicious and simply doesn't care about the lives of Israeli civilians. Take your pick, but it's clear that in the writing of this article that Jones has picked a side with the Palestinian propagandists and against Israel. He doesn't get to pretend to be neutral any more."

I sure hope this does not become a trend. We don't need any more useful idiots.


  1. The progressive-movement, in its opposition to Jewish sovereignty on Jewish land, loves to analogize Israel to the worst regimes in history that resonate with their movement.

    They fought against the Nazis, so Israel is Nazi Germany.

    They fought against apartheid, so Israel is Apartheid South Africa.

    They fought against Jim Crow, so Israel is magically transformed into the Jim Crow South.

    The point, obviously, is to paint the Jewish state as unacceptable as those regimes in preparation for its eventual dissolution.

    In a sense it is the blood libel and the Democratic Party, as the home of the progressive-movement, is complicit.

  2. Oops, forgot one....American Genocide against natives. Wu Ming brings it up in the diary. They do, after all, not like to leave even one stone unturned in their quest to demonize Israel as the worst of the worst EVAH!!!!!

  3. More from Hamden Rice who believes 9/11 was an "inside job."

    "Almost all prominent South Africans from the "struggle generation" who have visited the occupied territories have written that what is being done to the Palestinians, is much, much, MUCH worse than anything that happened to black South Africans.

    by HamdenRice on Fri Nov 11, 2011 at 01:30:02 PM PST"

    Recommended by:
    soysauce, Diane Gee, Terra Mystica, Brecht

    The wall of shame tells it all.

  4. The event talked about in this diary is basically a "stunt," since the two situations bear absolutely no resemblance to each other. It is a stunt designed to demonize Israel. Here's the wall of shame of Kossacks who have no interest in truth, only in demonization. They are haters and worse.

    "Paleo, PeterHug, wu ming, ask, antirove, dksbook, AllisonInSeattle, Brecht, Carnivorous Plantling, WisePiper, poco, heathlander, letsgetreal, Terra Mystica, Karl Rover, Celtic Merlin, petral, JustJennifer, Flyswatterbanjo, Christy1947, mrsgoo, soysauce, Friendlystranger, Nightshade Q, Mentatmark, Mathazar, anodnhajo, isabelle hayes, a2nite, Diane Gee, freshwater dan, BradyB"

    If you are not among them count yourself lucky. They are among the most despicable denizens of the antisemitic swamp, dKos,

  5. Eh, anodnhajo is a cool guy. I interact with him often, and I've never so much as sensed even a whiff of hate of any kind coming off of him. While perhaps a bit uninformed on this particular issue, I certainly wouldn't lump him in with the rest of those, amongst which there are indeed quite a few of the very worst people on the internet. Some folks there can still be reached. ;)

  6. Don't know him so I will take your word Jay.

  7. fizziks has a new diary up about the car burning and swastikas in Brooklyn and what I noticed first off was the rec's.

    "billlaurelMD, concernedamerican, mrblifil, G2geek, Bluesee, SherwoodB, AnotherMassachusettsLiberal, Ekaterin, debedb, detroitmechworks, fou, philipmerrill, twigg, absalom2, Dianna, markthshark, Nulwee, Dave in Northridge, Youffraita, brooklynbadboy, mayim, luckylizard, nokkonwud, Bule Betawi, mahakali overdrive, commonmass, Luthien Tinuviel, itzik shpitzik, hikerbiker, rexymeteorite, volleyboy1, MinistryOfTruth, Mets102, JayinPortland, absdoggy, foucaultspendulum, Tyler R, wasatch, BradyB, SwedishJewfish"

    As usual, a distinct lack of Pro-P usual suspects. Compare names to Troubador's latest hate Israel piece. Guess who couldn't give a damn about antisemitism in America.

  8. A good, and disheartening, point, Doodad.

  9. Thanks, Jay. It is disheartening; especially since I know Pro-I's would have been there in solidarity had this been anti-Arab/anti-Muslim cause I have seen it before on dKos.

    Not trying to score points, Just pointing out a stark reality of the dKos I/P game.