Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rooting For Hamas


Israel demonizer extraordinaire Christy1947 has ANOTHER anti-Israel diary up; her THIRD since this Friday. Par for the course. What makes this one unusually disgusting is how it brings out the Hamas cheerleaders. The diary is about Israel's responses to the Terrorist Hamas-Fatah unity negotiations. She and others are upset because Israel is not laying down and taking it as Abbas and his gang try to join up and make cosy with the genocidal Hamas. Ah, the progressive dream; if only Israel would just SUBMIT and die, all would be well with the world.

Hamas cheerleader number one, Heathlander says:

"the unity government deal would move Hamas further away from being a terrorist organisation, and hence make it more difficult for Israel to justify its rejectionism."

So, come on Israel just give Jew hating murderous terrorists a chance!

Another Hamas cheerleader and Israel hater Brecht says:

"Historically, my sense is that it's much more common for more extreme parties, who are brought into more centrist alliances, and have to assume the responsibilities of government, to move towards the center themselves, than to radicalize their allies. Of course, Bibi's doing plenty with his government to radicalize any Palestinian regardless."

Yeah, cause Bibi causes Hamas' charter and Jew hate. Who do these haters think they are fooling? And why does the left always end up on the side of hateful, authoritarian mass murderers? What is the appeal for the left?

And oh, there is a lot of other garbage in the diary, like all her diaries, but it was the Hamas love that really got me. They WERE democratically elected dontcha know? Yeah, that's in there too.


  1. Her three diaries have generated 40 comments to date. Not to mention that her grasp of international law is so poor that her points, when one can even decipher, remain convoluted.

    I think most people pass her stuff right by, and the extremists are mainly stroking themselves.

  2. But why is it that such people are writing as progressives? Why are they on liberal blogs and not conservative blogs?

    The conservative movement has, in fact, done an excellent job in marginalizing its anti-Jewish bigots, while the liberals are bringing theirs into the mainstream via the faux-humanitarian rhetoric of anti-Zionism.

    For me it's the same old question.

    Why is this a left phenomenon and not a right phenomenon. And if anyone wants to argue that the right has anti-Semites, than one would be missing the point entirely.

    Of course the right has anti-Jewish racists, but they are not being institutionalized on the right as they are on the left via the BDS movement.

  3. Perhaps they should read European history from the 1930s. Political leaders on the right thought they could do the same with a radical party that become a certain country's largest. They were proven quite wrong and six million of our people died because of that.

  4. See, that's the thing, Reuven.

    What they don't seem to get is the genocidal nature of anti-Semitism as a form of bigotry.

    They do not really understand why it tends to upset us as much as it does, because they do not really understand how anti-Semitism is different from other forms of racism which, btw, they take far more seriously than the hate spit at us... despite its genocidal nature.

  5. Some of them don't get. For others, they simply don't care. Look at some of the stuff that spews from the so-called left at at other sites, stuff that is actually antithetical to any type of beliefs on the left of the political spectrum.