Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The US Takes A Principled Stand

Progressives don't like it. They want to be like everybody else, even if that means supporting ANOTHER terrorist state.

Troubadour says:

On Monday, the United States earned two dubious distinctions. First, it became one of only 14 nations (out of 173) to vote against Palestinian admission into UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Second, it became one of only two nations (Canada being the other) to vindictively punish UNESCO for admitting Palestine as a full member by immediately cutting off U.S. funding, which comprises 22 percent of the organization’s budget, or $70 million annually.

I look at the names of the States which voted against and I say those are honorable states. They respect the fact that Palestine is trying to get away without negotiating. Those who gleefully voted yes, along with the left, CHEER the terror state.

America and others do not. I do not. Why would anyone CHEER a state that fires thousands of rockets into Israel and honours Jew killing released and imprisoned terrorists? Why would anyone REWARD a State which as recently as this weekend was trying to kill Jews? There is something serious wrong with you lot.

Of course you will not rest until everyone abandons Israel and cheers when the terrorists finally eliminate Israel. You are vile.


  1. The Troubadour seems to be one of those people who believes that the best way to show support for Israel, or to encourage toward policies that might bring peace, one must disparage and defame and generally kick the crap out of the Jewish state in the name of alleged "human rights."

    I can't figure out if the guy is malicious or just a hard-left ideologue.

    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and choose the latter, although, given what he writes, he might as well be malicious.

  2. Ideologue is my guess. Trouble is, once one drinks that koolaid, they become malicious after a certain point. He may have even started out as just a regular old liberal. Radical activism can be a powerful drug.