Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Week Ireland - This Week Sweden


You may remember last week's atrocious move by Dublin City Council allowing hate mongers to compare Israel to Nazis. Optimistically, there is always a tendency to write these things off as outliers. But then, like clockwork, along comes another one.

"Sweden has funded the publication of an anti-Israel booklet titled "Colonialism and Apartheid – the Israeli occupation in Palestine," Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.According to the report, the Swedish government transferred NIS 390,000 (roughly $104,600), under the guise of humanitarian aid, to a Swedish-Palestinian solidarity group for the creation of the ornate 40-page booklet.The brochure's authors accuse Israel of racist legislation, ethnic cleansing, racial segregation, establishing an Apartheid regime in the territories, and bombing Palestinian civilian homes. Furthermore, the brochure calls for a boycott of the Jewish state."

Europe......hating Jews again still.


  1. They maintain the old European and Arab / Muslim belief that Jewish self-defense is immoral.

    Thus when the local Arabs sought to murder the Jews in 1947 with the result that some of them got the boot, this becomes "ethnic cleansing," because the Jews of the Middle East had a moral obligation to allow Arabs to try and kill them.

    Likewise, when Israel put up its security barrier in order to prevent Arab terrorists from blowing up Israelis, this becomes "apartheid" and for precisely the same reason.

    They like their Jews cowering in the ghetto.

    The idea of Jews that stand tall is anathema.

  2. It's why I scoff at the idea of the opinion of the "world community." They can have all the opinions they want but Israel must survive in spite of them.

  3. Yup and it will.

    Israel will survive the challenges and continue to evolve and strengthen itself over time.

    Of course, despite my faith in that assertion, what most of these progressives fail to understand (because they simply do not care) is that Jewish people tend to feel a visceral sense of real threat when the Jewish state is defamed and demonized.

    They do not seem to understand that this defamation of the Jewish nation ("Israel") is precisely what preceded the Holocaust. That's why this issue can get people so crazy.

    I see these anti-Semitic anti-Zionist making the most horrendous claims about the Jewish state and I think, "here we go, again!"

  4. Yeah, the hypocrisy is a given. 5.5 million dead in the Congo over the last 10 years and the progressive-left, regular Democrats, could not care less.

    5.5 million. The hypocrisy is absolutely shocking. There's something like 50 - 60 thousand people dead in the Arab-Israel conflict from '48 on. This means that the progressive movement has trashed any claims to moral authority it may have had. They're kicking our ass, but they have nothing to say about Congo. Darfur. Tibet. The Kurds.

    It's a disgrace, Doodad.

    Goodbye and good riddance, as far as I am concerned.

    And let's see about getting rid of Barack a year from now.