Sunday, October 30, 2011

11 rockets fired at southern Israel overnight, early Sunday

At least 11 rockets and mortar shells were fired at southern Israel overnight and early Sunday morning as reports emerged of imminent cease-fire.

Any Israeli response will be seen as Israeli aggression by an international left that seems to believe that Jewish morality requires Jewish death.

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  1. Where are these twisted POV's learned? In SCHOOLS according the this guy.

    "Promoting hate for Israel
    Op-ed: European educators brainwash young minds with blatant anti-Israel views
    Manfred Gerstenfeld

    Earlier this month it became known that the German EVZ Foundation had financed two high school student programs which promoted hatred of Israel. This state foundation was created to compensate Holocaust slave workers and fight contemporary anti-Semitism. In one program, Dutch Jewish anti-Israeli extremist Hayo Meyer came to the Anne Frank High School in Gutersloh. He equated Palestinian suffering with the mass murder of Jews in the Holocaust and termed Israel a "criminal state."

    Since then, in the Nesbru High School in Asker, Norway, an exhibition sponsored by Norwegian Church Aid, was held on “Palestine.” It included a picture of an Israeli flag crossed out and “Murder” written in reverse underneath it. After protest by an Israeli student and some bad publicity, the school finally decided to remove the exhibition........"

    Read the whole thing for the full impact.,7340,L-4141457,00.html

    This is how the left creates continuing generations of antisemites.