Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is the Progressive-Left

The Israel lobby is a horde without a leader (0+ / 0-)

"Horde" is my homage to Mongols. To be the Khan of all the Mongols (not that Zhengis ever was, probably, right?) you have to be the most Mongol of all the Mongols--lead by example. These Mongols are each an "Army of one", riding, shooting arrows from a three-hundred-pound-draw-weight bow. The collectivity travels with livestock, all they need is grazing land and water. They have tribes. Tribes have political structures. To get this whole thing moving in a particular direction, like, "Let's go to Hungary!", takes some super-Mongol-ing.
Assaf's comments today open the question of Jewish values. I put these at three: ability to write/speak/take in lucid arguments (claim, evidence, significance--Mortimer Adler). Belief in a loving God who makes facts possible. Belief in a loving God who requires that I treat others as as free and competent (including competency at lying: using bad arguments) as I find myself to be.
These may reduce to one idea: no hierarchy, a perpetually uncleared market.
First item of business. Israel is not viable. Current efforts among the horde to make it so are moving in opposing directions. There is no way it can be made viable. "Jewish and democratic state" is a contradiction in terms. So the first act of the unified horde will be to disband Israel.

Second order of business. Realize this is not central Asia in the 13th Century AD. Or if it is, I am not only Zhengis Khan, I am also Thomas Aquinas, and it's time the horde started acting like reasonable people (see three criteria of Judaism, above). All your criteria of Jewish values only do you any good if you treat all people as if they were Jewish.

by chrisrushlau on Sat Oct 01, 2011 at 11:04:43 AM PDT

These are your friends and fellow progressive activists.

This is your movement.

He claims that Jewish and democratic are mutually exclusive, yet somehow Italian and democratic is not.

When did the anti-racist progressive-left become even more racist than the Republicans?


  1. Small minds think small things. This guy proves it.

  2. These are idiots of the first dimension, elites (or so they think) who overintellectualize, but generally incompetent outside the theoretical realm.

    Most people, including smart ones, know where theory ends and reality begins. And the reality is that they understand the the forces involved.

    The more time spent thinking about these things the way they do, in their bubble, the less harm caused elsewhere.

    As I have said before, it's sad for the world that the limited resources available to end human suffering are so disproportionately wasted in this way.

  3. This one's a poser. The progressive left is considerably more coherent than that.

    Well, outside of the hemp crowd we are, anyway.....

  4. He's part of your movement, Corwin.

    Yeah, he's just one guy, but the progressive-left is just crawling with similar Israel Haters and anti-Zionists.

    Let me ask you a question.

    Why should Jewish people support a political movement that is detrimental to our well-being?

    Why should Jewish people support a political movement that is home to anti-Zionism?

    Why should Jewish people support a political movement that has, in fact, betrayed us?


  5. Here's ANOTHER dKos poster with the same sentiment

    "Israel as a "Jewish" state cannot survive as a democracy - it either stays a democracy and ceases to be a Jewish majority entity, or tries to retain Jewish supremacy and cease in its basic vision. "

    There are tons of progressives like him and it is all based on utopian leftist principles that cannot work for a state like Israel which was created for existential reasons and will continue to have those issues until the Muslim/Arab world changes a LOT; something not on any immediate nor near future horizon.

    In the meantime, Israel functions as a Democracy, albeit not a perfect one, just like all democracies in spite of these fools' beliefs.