Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AB CD EF BLAM!!!!!!!

First day out of prison, a terrorist needs some work. How about motivational speaker for Gaza school children? Tell me you didn't see this coming.

"Would-be bomber tells Gaza kids to be like her

Female terrorist released in Shalit swap encourages Gaza children to take up terror, expresses hope some of them will become martyrs; Wafa a-Biss detained in 2005 en route to exploding in Israeli hospital

A would-be Palestinian suicide bomber freed by Israel in the prisoner swap for soldier Gilad Shalit told cheering schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip the day after her release on Wednesday she hoped they would follow her example.

"I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs," Wafa al-Biss told dozens of children who came to her home in the northern Gaza Strip."

Cheering children? In what universe are such things acceptable? How will there ever be peace with people like these? What future do these children have?

And most of all will progressives even DISCUSS this kind of thing; condemn it to high hell? Not likely. No, they are likely to tell us to not dare suggest Palestinians abuse their children even in light of this most blatant, murderous abuse of their young minds.

"After she spoke, the children cheered and waved Palestinian flags and chanted: "We will give souls and blood to redeem the prisoners. We will give souls and blood for you, Palestine."

Souls and blood indeed.


  1. Well, you do have to remember that Gaza's ruling party is the same group that distributed candies after terrorists massacred the Fogels in their own home earlier this year. She might not be Hamas, but it seems like she fits right in.

  2. No surprise at all, but many could care less so long as the target is Israel and Jews.

  3. Agreed oldschool. In a normal world such stuff would be loudly decried. And the world wants such people to have their own state. Perhaps they can then apply for leadership of UNICEF and show the world how children should be treated.

  4. And on cue it begins.

    "IDF soldiers prevent stabbing attack at Etzion Junction
    10/19/2011 17:34

    Palestinian woman rushes bus stop with knife, alert soldiers detain her; woman reportedly waited until after Schalit deal to attempt attack.

    An IDF force from the Kfir Brigade prevented a stabbing attack in the bloc of West Bank settlements called Gush Etzion by a Palestinian woman in her twenties Wednesday.

    The Palestinian woman arrived at the the Gush Etzion Junction Wednesday afternoon and crossed the road, approaching soldiers and Israeli civilians standing at a bus stop. She then brandished a knife and ran towards the soldiers and civilians, screaming "Allahu Akhbar" and "Death to Jews," Channel 10 reported."

  5. They're just creating more misery for their own people and their own children.

  6. btw, Dood, terrific title on this post!

  7. Thanks Karma. Glad to see Mets posted on this topic at dKos. Interestingly not one of the anti-I crowd weighed in. Guess the narrative got their tongues.