Friday, October 7, 2011

This is a Kossack:

"This country, our country, and every fucking country that had a citizen on board those ships should send a full-force fleet to free their people, and protect those vessels, and shove a goddamned nuke up Israel's ass if it doesn't comply. We need to end this blockade by FORCE." - Diane Gee


  1. Followed the link and here is what is said:

    "Memorial Day 2010: Israel Officially Becomes Nazi Germany"

    About says it all for this one.

    I also saw TT's fasting diary. Not even what is sacred can escape politics for some. Rather than a throw away line, it would have been nice to see more concern for victims of the worst human suffering, such as indicated here:

    Oh well, guess something is better than nothing.

  2. What a stupid witch. With a really bad anger management problem. Let's hope she is anti-gun laws cause she seems destined for looney la la land and I hope she goes there unarmed.

    NUKES????? Diane.

  3. PS I hope these comments of hers get posted to dKos next she posts there. It will be interesting to watch the usual suspects make excuses for her like they did Nuclear Nate.

  4. This is someone who has also taken issue with me, it's interesting to note, for one of my probably and admittedly ill-advised comments to a front-pager at dKos last night, albeit in a diary where they chose to participate willingly and were dismissing our well-documented concerns.

    Okay, so sometimes I fly a bit off the handle. At least I'm not a vile racist who calls for genocide, however.

  5. I saw that thread and you were fine, Jay.

    It does however add just one more little bit of evidence that progressivism, as a movement, is largely indifferent to our concerns.

    It's time to shake things up a little.

    Time for Jews to get outa Dodge.

  6. This Diane person is indeed one of the most vicious bigots I have ever had the displeasure of coming across in my life, for the record.

    It truly is quite sickening that she is welcomed by the Online Left. Although I'd make the argument that this is not reflective of our movement as a whole. They're the fringe, but I will admit it saddens me that they tend to be in the majority at places like dKos these days, at least amongst those who speak up and comment and etc etc etc, on these discussions...

  7. More ammunition for my lawyers, keep on. Just keep on.

  8. and for someone who wants so badly out of the left, you do nothing BUT obsess with it 24/7. Pathetic, really.

  9. Paul is gone, Volley is gone but she is welcomed at dKos as a respected critic of Israeli policy. That's the swamp for you where wrong is right and the sky is red.

  10. You have the gall to speak of ammunition, so-called "anonymous?"

    Would this ammunition be of the nuclear variety? Which said ammunition would surely also not harm, in any way, those for whom you claim to advocate, right?

    Here's the difference between you and Karma - one (e.g. - you) advocates genocide, while the other (Karma) doesn't.

    Truth is also an absolute defense in libel cases, btw, so your attorney is not a very good one if he or she is claiming you have any case here whatsoever.

    Pathetic, really.

    There's a simple way to end this discussion. You can stop being a violent, unapologetic racist, and people will stop pointing that out about you. Quite simple.

  11. Hey Anon,

    Did you or someone else write that stuff? That is some real Jew hating in the words.

    Interesting that the site guidelines preach respect. The words are anything but respectful. They are a testament to antisemitism. They make any claim of care about other humans laughable.

    A lawyer that wields a legal club to help shield this obvious bigotry should be very proud!

  12. Indeed, oldschool.

    The antisemitism at that link is quite simply some of the most hideous, disgusting crap I've ever seen in my life.

    That someone, anyone, could ever possibly ever be proud of that hate speech speaks volumes about them. Not any of us.

  13. I have seen and heard too many of this type.

    Concerned so much about human rights and tolerance that it's okay to forget about them for the cause, even if it requires coercion.

    Some democrat!

  14. No, they believe what they are doing is to help humanity. They just care more than anyone else, which gives them liberty to use any means, no matter how authoritarian.

  15. Well you may be right but this tells me I'm right

    "You know, I started out sympathetic as hell to the Jewish Plight in History,"

    Some serious wrong there. Serious as hell.

  16. I decided to look at her uptodate stuff. She is pounding the Occupywall street stuff just like most Kossacks and has an article reposted from The Troubador. Wonder if he ever saw this crap what he and other fellow Kossacks would think. I suspect it wouldn't matter as long as she is on point on the other stuff.

    Like I mentioned to Volleyball; just how much antisemitism is acceptable. This for me is what it is all about. Turning the blind eye as needed.

  17. This would give TT and the others an opportunity to walk the walk. It would be interesting to see their gait.

  18. Yeah, I'd love to see that too but doubt it would ever come about. Ignorance is bliss.

  19. Paul in San FranciscoOctober 7, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    Diane is scum. In addition to calling for the use of nuclear weapons on Israel (which would slaughter millions of palestinians, too, but she's too stupid to realize that), she's mocked people on public assistance, people that have lost their jobs and livelihoods due to the recession, etc. She has no place on the left.

  20. But she thinks she is the left, Paul, as do her fans and I guess The Troubador. She's even got a radio show!!!!!!!!

  21. Indeed, Paul. I remember that thread to which you refer, and that was one of the most sickening displays of privilege I've ever seen.

    Please do not insult scum by comparing it to Diane.