Friday, October 7, 2011

How Will This Poll Turn Out?

There's a new It's all Israel's fault diary up at dKos. What else is new? It's the same old premise

"But I don’t think many Americans understand why so many folks in the Middle East hate us so very much; today we’re going to engage in a thought exercise designed to help you understand just where Palestinians are coming from."

Thought exercise? No, just good old blame Israel 24-7. Just like always. The diary then proceeds to give the entire Palestinian side as the title implies.

On Walking Miles In Palestinian Shoes, Or, The Dispassionate Mirror Speaks


At any rate what will be interesting is how the poll turns out. Right now it's


how do you see all this?

50%8 votes
18%3 votes
0%0 votes
6%1 votes
18%3 votes
6%1 votes

| 16 votes | Vote

Strongly in favour of Palestine good.... Israel bad. I'm guessing it will remain that way because after all, that's the majority Kossack view. And now, at Yom Kipper is probably the best time to look at it before Jewish posters weigh in too much

Daily Kos...consistently blaming Israel all the time and never worried about ever walking in her shoes....even after the Fogels or the Palmers or all those who came before.


AND as I checked the swamp one last time before bedtime I see THIS attempt at humour on Yom Kipper

There is An Epic Holocaust Going On*


I don't know what to say. I'm going to bed.

Oh wait. I thought of something. Fuck dKos. Goodnight.

*Update.....65% to 31% in favour of Palestine at this point. Do you know where YOUR friends are?


  1. Paul in San FranciscoOctober 8, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    That diary was un-fucking-believable. You know, if webranding had merely acknowledged his error and apologized for his insensitivity, dayenu. It would have been enough. The diary aside from that was mildly amusing. But he had to double down on it, like all assholes do, and he got support (or blithe indifference) from a bunch of assholes.

    To think that there wasn't a single HR in that asshole's tip jar, yet volleyboy and I are still banned, fuck it. Fuck. It. Someone needs to send that diary to all the Democratic senators and congressmen that post at DailyKos, and let them know what they are associating with. Markos thrives on support from Democratic politicians. I say, make that support dry up and shrivel like an old man's scrotum.

  2. Disgusting yes Paul but not unexpected. Aside from the flagrant stuff there is an insidious munching around the edges of antisemitism that goes on. Were I a suspicious conspiracist I might suggest that it is purposeful; push the envelope. I have seen the technique on other sites. On one, the site owner actually found the conversation on Stormfront where the nazis were planning the slow but steady infiltration of his lefty/anti-fascist site which was against obvious antisemitism but big on Israeli gov't "crimes."

    This hopefully is just a similar example of the kind of mindless inherent good old boy racism/antifeminism crap that caused the boycott and purge in the first place.

    But one never knows especially given how acceptable talking points around apartheid and Jewish influence have become in the swamp. I'm a zero tolerance guy; Markos should be too when it comes to this stuff. Instead he has come down on the side of sacrosanct rights for diarists to say pretty much anything short of "shove 'em in the ovens."