Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jews are a people Deal with it

Our old friend fizziks is asserting the truth at the swamp again.

Jews Are A People. Deal With It.

Many people on this website apparently want to deny my ethnicity, culture, and heritage - to pretend it doesn't exist, or even that I have invented it.

Well I'm here to tell those folks something.

I am a Jewish American.

I'm a proud agnostic, who has never been to Israel, who has barely ever set foot in a synagogue, whose girlfriend is a Louisiana Creole and a Buddhist... and I am also 1000% Jewish.

Because Jews are a people. It's my ethnicity, culture, and heritage, and the ethnicity, culture, and heritage of 8 million Americans and 15 million people worldwide.

You testify, man!

It's sad he feels he has to say so on dKos but of course we here know why. Truth is, the left is not getting any better at all this.


  1. They don't realize how insidious this is... either that or they do not care.

    Seeking to undermine the peoplehood of Jews is just fine among progressives, this despite the fact that we've been around at least 3,000 years.

    Yet questioning Palestinian peoplehood is entirely taboo, despite the fact that they have been self-identified as a people, for the most part, since only the end of the 1960s.

    Their reason for denying, or diminishing, Jews as a people, or as a nation, is because if we are not a people, then we have no need for a state... accept to keep ourselves alive, but they don't care about that one way or the other.

    And, again, this kind of thing these days comes from the left, not the right, so much.

    It is the left that is providing venues for these people.

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