Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anonymous Has Some Words:

Anonymous said...

Antisemitism is an inconvenient truth for the left, doesn't fit into their worldview or victim profile- causes cognitive dissonance for them...uncomfortable, so they ignore it or discount it as some right wing conspiracy...any charge of anti-semitism is suspect now, as evidence of right wing allegiance. trouble is, the right are the only ones monitoring antisemitism.

October 20, 2011 7:40 PM

Despite the grammar, our anonymous friend is correct.

It is only the right monitoring anti-Semitism, because the left has convinced itself that the Jewish state is no longer worthy of their support.

The problem is not that the left is anti-Semitic. It isn't. The problem is that the left has no clue whatsoever to do about the conflict, within their own ranks, between Jewish people and anti-Semitic anti-Zionists.

That's the problem.


  1. Really?

    "It is only the right monitoring anti-Semitism, because the left has convinced itself that the Jewish state is no longer worthy of their support."

    Come on now, Karma. I just spent over an hour at dKos monitoring and fighting hate and ignorance right after I got home. I am, by anyone's definition, The Left.

    And I even get called an 'anti-democratic, fascist censor' by some over there for monitoring and fighting antisemitism! ;)

  2. Well, I very much appreciate the efforts of people like yourself, Jay, but you guys merely represent the Jewish response to left anti-Zionism.

    You are an anomaly.

    I very much appreciate the fact that you are there, but you guys are alone.

    The entire left stands back and ignores the defamation and delegitimization of Israel that goes on within their ranks.

    Jewish liberals are having a very difficult time facing the fact that the vast majority of non-Jewish liberals could care less about the well-being of the Jewish state, despite the fact that it has been under siege since well before it was even established as a state.

    In fact, they generally blame Israel for the attacks upon it and despise Jewish self-defense.

    What you are experiencing, Jay, if I may say so, is the slow, creeping realization that your cherished political allies are nothing of the sort.

    And this is hard to face.

    I know.

  3. I don't see as much anti-semitism on right wing blogs as I do on left wing blogs. It's changed my political views, shocked into seeing my own cognitive dissonance.

    Because, right now open minded tolerant liberals are tolerating intolerance..... or denying it exists.... in the name of world peace if only Israel would..... etc. of course.


  4. Precisely.

    I keep getting accused of suggesting that the left is anti-Semitic, but that has never, at any point, been my point.

    My point is that they are turning a blind eye.

  5. "The left's theses are trains of thought that are carefully stopped before they reach the argument that demolishes them" (Don Colacho)