Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Think Like A Palestinian Propagandist

One of the most common things we see in all this debate is how the Progressive left is so willing to engage in perfect belief in Palestinian propaganda memes: apartheid, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, etc. Pallywood? They eat it up. Never mind the proof offered to critical eyes.

It will be interesting to see how they will react to this latest little bit of Palestinian BS, especially when it involves the EVIL JEW..... Avigdor Lieberman.

Lieberman said this:

"If there is one obstacle that should be removed immediately, it is [Abbas]," he said. "If he were to return the keys and resign, it would not be a threat, but a blessing."

"The only thing that interests Abbas is to inscribe himself in the history books as he who brought about the Palestinian state and the reconciliation with Hamas," Lieberman added. "Anyone who succeeds him would be better for Israel. If Abu Mazen goes, there would be a chance to reignite the peace process."

Return the keys and resign. Perfectly reasonable position to take and possibly correct. But consider who said it and you know there will be trouble. And trouble there is. The Palestinians have said Lieberman is trying to get Abbas killed.

"In the name of the Palestinian Authority, we condemn the statements made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, which carry explicit incitement against President Mahmoud Abbas," the letter read, adding: "We consider the comments to be a direct threat against a natural partner for peace."

"The statements do not serve the peace process between the sides and we see them as an explicit call to kill president Abbas," a-Sheikh said, adding that Lieberman's attack could be "seen as a green light that could be taken advantage by extremists."

Damn evil Jews talking in code again!

The problem is, that is not what is happening. Maybe in Palestinian culture suggesting someone resign is code for extremists to kill him, but not in Israel. Abbas has threatened to resign (return the keys) many times as a threat. Lieberman is simply calling his bluff. This isn't rocket science. Unless you are a Palestinian politician or a useful idiot.


  1. Peace process?

    There's a peace process happening?

    {Looks around the room.}

    I just don't see it.

  2. I believe it scurried right over there behind the 800 pound gorilla.

  3. Although, I do have to say, Doodad, that a title like "Think Like a Palestinian" is pushing it, imo.

    just fyi

  4. Point taken. I have added a word to make my point clearer.

  5. Thank you.

    I wasn't going to say anything, because God knows I am not perfect, but it's better to avoid giving them ammo if one can help it.