Sunday, October 23, 2011


Consider this an open thread.


  1. The mind boggles at this.

    "'Contract worker stole all Israelis' personal information'
    10/24/2011 13:16

    Information was used to create searchable database with sensitive information of every Israeli, living and deceased; computer technician put the database on the Internet for anyone in the world to access.

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    A contract worker from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare was charged with stealing the personal information of over 9 million Israelis from the Population Registry, the Justice Ministry announced Monday after a media ban was lifted.

    The worker electronically copied identification numbers, full names, addresses, dates of birth, information on family connections and other information in order to sell it to a private buyer.....A copy of the software program, devoid of any protection mechanisms, was later obtained by a computer technician who uploaded it to the Internet. He even created a website with detailed instructions explaining how to download and use the Argon program with Israeli citizens' personal information."

  2. I am in the midst of a piece on "The Moral Failure of the Left" but it's not coming easy.

    The basic premise is one that I have stated before, that the progressive-left has betrayed Jews, Gays, and women because it has substituted its traditional ideal of universal human rights for that of multiculturalism which tends to preclude criticism of non-white cultures.

    As the inheritors of white, western imperialism we are in no position to criticize any Muslim society because to do so would be "racist." Thus they can stone women to death for the crime of getting raped and they can hang Gay men from cranes in Iran and they can scream to the heavens about how "the children of apes and pigs" need to be slaughtered, but they are entitled.

    In doing so, however, the left has entirely betrayed its very reason to be.

    It now stands for nothing.

    Just ask anyone you know from southern Darfur.

  3. Should that read "abandoned" instead of
    "substituted"? As written it seems to read the opposite of what I think is intended. (Not trying to be the grammar police here, just a volunteer editor.) ;)