Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Their Failure to Kill Us Makes Them the Victims

Perhaps the most insidious thing about I-P discourse among liberal-progressives is the moral inversion. I-P discussion on the Left is primarily a conversation about morality. The common theme is that the Jews Israelis have, since November of 1947, treated the Arabs of the British Mandate (i.e., the Palestinians) in an immoral fashion.

That is what the nice ladies below are singing about.

They are singing about the immorality of the Jews Israelis in regards the Arabs.

The only way to sell this moral inversion, however, is to strip the conflict of most of its history and virtually all of its context. That's why they call it propaganda. They are taking something that is essentially evil, which is the historical Arab-Muslim efforts to oppress and / or murder the Jewish people for religious reasons (dhimmitude), and turning it into something sweet, which they then call "resistance."

The Palestinian resistance.

"Resistance" sounds so noble, doesn't it? The very word carries with it the connotations of good guys versus bad guys. The good guys are the Palestinians who are allegedly seeking their freedom from oppression and the bad guys are these militaristic, fascist Jews.

This is what they would have you believe and this is precisely how the Left has betrayed the Jewish people. The progressive-left, as a movement, provides venues within which this genocidal anti-Semitic nonsense is propagated.

The only problem is that the entire "narrative" (they love narratives. Whatever happened to a little something that we used to call the truth? Are we really so sophisticated that we have given up on the idea of truth, entirely?*) is false.

In November of 1947, almost directly after the Holocaust, the Arabs of the British Mandate launched a genocidal civil war against the Jews, in which they fought against Jewish women and Holocaust survivors, and got beat, which is why some were kicked out of the country. That is the truth, but it is not the "Palestinian narrative."

They would actually have you to believe that their failure to kill us makes them the victims.

How's that for chutzpah?

The narrative that they are peddling is both false and could easily lead to the next Holocaust. That is why anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred is so repulsive, because it could easily lead to the next effort to slaughter the Jews. These good-hearted liberals are ready to drag us to the slaughter for our alleged crimes and they can do so without getting their hands dirty. All it takes is the creation of a moral backdrop in which chopping off the head of a three month old baby girl is viewed as a form of resistance.

But, the thing is, the Arabs of the British Mandate have been killing the Jews there since long, long before there ever was a modern nation-state called Israel. For 1,400 hundred years the Jews of the Middle East were subject to the violence inherent in Muslim supremacy.

And now that we have finally gained our freedom after so many centuries, well-meaning "liberals" label our ongoing efforts at self-defense a crime.

If there is one thing in this world that progressives tend to hate, it is Jewish self-defense and if there is one thing in this world that Jews need to survive it is Jewish self-defense. They have thus, in effect, criminalized Jewish survival.

The progressive-left has criminalized Jewish survival.

This is what we are dealing with. When you peal away all the nonsense, this is what we are left with.

Face it.

Acknowledge the obvious.

*For a brilliant discussion of the historiography of the subject see Peter Novick's That Noble Dream: The 'Objectivity Question' and the American Historical Profession

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