Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things you can't believe until you see them with your own eyes

Israellycool has a video up he calls BDS Fail Of The Day but for me all I could do was stare at at the vid, mouth wide open and think how just when one thinks he has seen everything, along comes this.

I have been washing my ears/eyes for hours and still can't get it out!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Watch at your own risk and keep a barfbag nearby.


  1. I almost published this one, myself.

    Thanks, Doodad.

    btw, I changed the height to 305 pixels and the width to 500 pixels in order to make it fit properly.


    And, also I should note, our friend oldschool also posted this at his or her brand-spanking new blog, here.


    You guys should drop in and say "hello."

  2. Thanks! I popped over with my regards.

  3. That video epitomizes the do-nothing do-gooders.

    What a pure waste of human capital and endeavor.

  4. Well, like many people on the Left, they have bought into the notion that the when the Arabs of the mandate sought to slaughter the Jews directly after the Holocaust, their failure to do so makes them the victims.

    Of course, that is the same sort of insidious and racist nonsense that people like "soysauce" and "unspeakable" peddle on Daily Kos.