Monday, October 10, 2011

Going to Israel Soon and in Need of Advice

As some of you guys know, Laurie and I will shortly be visiting Israel for the very first time. What I need from those of you who are familiar with the country is some advice on what to see and do while we are there.

We are intending to spend about eleven or twelve days in country. We'll spend a few days in Tel Aviv, a few days in Haifa, and at least a few days in Jerusalem and, of course, we'll take day trips to places such as Caesarea and Nazareth.

Ziontruth has recommended some of the old Roman fortresses in the Negev, such as Metsad Zohar and Beit Guvrin, but I am hoping that those of you who also have some familiarity with the country can give us your recommendations, as well.

I would very much appreciate it, as Laurie and I are in the process of filling out our itinerary.

Also, of course, any restaurant recommendations would be very helpful. Whenever I travel, food is an important part of the agenda. No matter where I go I am always interested in the local cuisine.

So, who has the best falafel in Tel Aviv?!

You guys have my thanks and appreciation.


By the way, the image above is of a Roman colosseum in Bet Guvrin. (FYI)


  1. hey karamafish one recommendations i can give is to visit the galil area in the north
    the zipory and beit shearim archoligical sites
    are well worth the trip alone.

  2. Thank you, good sir or lady.

    I'll check into it.

    btw, "Karamafish"?


  3. Mazel tov. Two suggestions I would make are that you should try and situate yourself on one of the hills overlooking Jerusalem so that you can see the sun set over it (it's absolutely beautiful) and that you should see if you can climb Masada to watch the sun rise over it. I got to do both of those on Birthright, but I'm not sure you can do both of those as an ordinary tourist. The obvious things, beyond that, that I would suggest, are Independence Hall in Tel Aviv and the Kotel.

  4. Heya mister,

    thanks for the tips!

  5. Go to Jerusalem and the Old City as well as the Mahane Yehuda... It is cool. Check out the Hebrew U. and Har-Ha Tzofim.

    I recommend a trip to Ramallah to see some of the politics we discuss here. As well as the West Bank in General. There is natural beauty in the Judean Hills.

    I would also say HAIFA... HAIFA.... What a wonderful place. The whole of the North is great and if you can go up into the Golan and check out Mt. Hermon.


    In the south, If the weather is good in Eilat - hit that for overnight or two... I loved Eilat.

    Darn it I am jealous, I wish I was going.. I miss Israel.

    I know you guys will have a great time.

  6. As for falafel... Check out the Tachana Merkazit in Tel Aviv (the bus station) - kind of a crappy place but it has some awesome food stands (although standards could be low) - when I lived there, I went through the Shilshul so it was no problem. You don't want to deal with that. Heh...

    But for pure taste... there was some stand there I remember that was like "crack falafel" You had to keep going back for fixes. LOL it was a trip.