Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mets102 Has Some Words:

Actually, the past few weeks... (10+ / 0-)

many Jewish posters supportive of Israel have decided that the environment created is simply too much to handle anymore. We don't want to be called right-wingers for simply advocating for the Democratic platform at a Democratic website. We don't want to be called bigots simply because we believe that our people should have the same rights to national self-determination in our homeland as anyone else. We're sick of the antisemitism that is pervasive. We're sick of the snarky mocking that comes from some when we face down hurricanes. We're sick of the borderline trutherism. We're sick of people using Georgia's murdering Troy Davis for their own political ends. We're sick of the defense of antisemites.

No, I/P discussions are not dynamic. They're the same toxic sewer they've always been. It's just that one side of the discussion has finally decided enough is enough. If the other side wants the sewer to itself, and wants to scare people away from the Democratic Party while advocating for a position completely opposed to the position our party has held for decades, then that is their prerogative. However, we believe this has no place at a Democratic website. Further, as fizziks stated, Markos should not be expected to pay for a full-time moderator for a subject that attracts few people and is not critical to the mission of this site, the election of Democrats and advocacy for the Democratic Party.

Please read our community letter and support our efforts to clean up this site.

by Mets102 on Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 05:19:03 PM PDT

Please excuse me for not providing the links in Mets' original.

Nonetheless, good for Mets.

Speakin' it like it is.


  1. Thanks, Karma. I would also point down further in the diary where there's a really nasty fight going on with one of the front-pagers. She's defending against an I/P ban and is essentially making the case that if we don't like the antisemitism, instead of fighting back against it, we should just look the other way.

  2. Toxic sewer. Someone's talking MY language!!!!

  3. Shorter Kaili Joy Gray....."antisemitism? Who freaking cares? Enough people do get off on it, it stays." IOW if you don't like it tough sh-t, but if they don't like it we'll ban you.

    Now THAT'S the dKos I've come to hate.

    Best words of wisdom in that diary other than Mets....

    "This will not succeed here. (1+ / 0-)
    The masses are too invested in the anti-Israel narrative to be pulled from the habit, regularly supplied by the pushers.

    by citizen53 on Thu Oct 06, 2011 at 07:33:53 PM PDT"

    Oh yeah I just noticed THIS from the front pager.

    "It seems to me that for all the complaints, it's because at the end of the day, y'all actually love talking about it. So why should we make a rule that says you can't?"

    In effect, clue one and her don't get together too often. Ya'll is talking about antisemitism and she is somewhere in free speech land (or MORE SPEECH as she puts it.) Be gentle with the fool.

  4. The only quibble is to posit that there are two sides. I suppose there is, offense and defense.

    At this "Democratic" site the defenders of Israel are in the minority.

  5. Douchebags? Sorry anon you must be looking for dKos. Whole different URL airhead.