Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bizzaro OWS World

You know, I have nothing against OWS, after all, I did my share of protesting back in the 60's and I remember some pretty bizarre stuff (disclaimer....some of it may or may not have really happened depending on what I may have ingested.) But I don't remember any antisemitism. I don't remember any anti-Israel BDS crap and I don't remember this Bizarre chant/repeating things said by someone with a megaphone. Childish? Borglike? Don't know but it creeps me out.

Of course I don't find it odd to see hate of Israel, BDS crap and good old fashioned antisemitism at OWS events. The left is s a big tent with an ample share of haters and racists especially targeting Israel and Jews as we show here at this blog all the time. It's not a tent I would like to be part of until it purges those awful elements. But it can't; they are a large part of its constituency. And every vote counts, right? (hat tip EoZ)

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