Monday, October 24, 2011

Caterpillar Inc Earns 44% Jump in Quarterly Profit

(Reuters) - Caterpillar Inc muscled through murky economic conditions with a surprising 44 percent jump in quarterly profit, and forecast strong demand through next year in a sign of optimism for the global economy.



  1. I know why this was particularly good news for me. (I bought the stock 3 weeks ago at $71, it closed today at almost $92, and it's still $20 off it's recent high.) But of all the economic news that you've never before posted, did you decide to post this one blurb?


    (and thanks for unbanning me :P )

  2. I never banned you.

    Holy Cannoli!

    Do you honestly think that I banned you?

    I promise you that I never did, although you are not the first person to complain about problems with commenting.

    As far as I know, that's a blogspot issue.

    Anyways, I just posted the Caterpillar story as a nudge to the anti-Israel BDS crowd.

    Give them a reason to get all righteous and indignant.

  3. "Give them a reason to get all righteous and indignant."

    Think big, Karma. Think "Make their heads explode."


  4. No, I was kidding. I didn't think you banned me. I think it was my computer or blogspot or something.

    Forgive me, but what does Caterpillar have to do with the BDS movement? Oh, wait. Nevermind. I figured it out all by myself.


  5. But it sure takes talent to 'dance' THIS bad...


    Portland BDS has been marvelously successful... at making me pick up an Israeli product whenever possible from New Seasons, where I do most of my non-farmers' market grocery shopping every week. ;)