Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introducing Oldschool26

Our friend oldschool has launched a new blog to discuss matters I-P and other political issues.

Below is school's opening post and this is his blog's URL:

Although school and I differ somewhat in our takes on the issues, he has been generally supportive of this blog which is not necessarily an easy thing to do.

So go visit school and be supportive of his blog.



SEPTEMBER 29, 2011


Time to get started. This is the first post. I'll start here writing for myself. It will be interesting to see what I say and decide to include as relevant. If any one stumbles by, I hope you find something worthwhile.

I suppose the theme here evolves the variants of persecution and antisemitism, Christian and Muslim, and how they affect the Jewish People, who constitute the smallest fraction yet cannot escape the attention, and Israel, which garners similar attention in the international community.

The action, of course, occurs in the Middle East in the Arab-Israeli conflict. There is no pretense here. The rage from all sides is out in the open. Israel is surrounded by regimes in which it is and has been the norm to portray Jews, despite their minority status, in negative, demonizing ways.

The action occurs in Europe as well, where demographic changes and resulting social upheaval have taken place. To a lesser extent it involves the USA.

Also included are a Western elite, guided by rigid anti-Western ideology and adherence to multiculturalism. This is largely what was taught as they rose through the academic and social ranks, anointing themselves as the moral conscience to define humanitarianism and what constitutes dignity. The underlying political and ideological nature of the approach taken, however, can become downright authoritarian and enhance violations of very important human rights and universal values set forth in international and domestic law. They bring Orwell into mind.

Anyway, if all that did not provide a clue of where this blog may go, what can I say?

That is not to say that other matters will be absent either, if the mood strikes.



  1. Guess I must now produce something worthwhile.

  2. Take it as it comes.

    Write whatever you feel like.

    I just wanted to help give you some eyeballs.