Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fair's fair, right?

Bound to happen. There's a protest in Jerusalem...(oh boy a protest)...and we know how progressives and the left LOVE protests. But, uh-oh. It might NOT be one they can get behind.

"J'lem protest: Free Jewish security prisoners

In backdrop of Shalit deal, some 60 people including National Union MK, terror victims' relatives gather outside home of justice minister demanding Jewish prisoners who killed Arabs be pardoned

Yair Altman

Published: 10.27.11, 23:46

Some 60 people demonstrated outside the home of Justice Minister Yaakov Ne'eman Thursday demanding the release of Jewish security prisoners who hurt Arabs. Among the protesters were relatives of terror victims including those killed by prisoners released as part of the Shalit deal......"

Not likely to happen of course but hey, they have a right to protest. Right?

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