Friday, October 14, 2011

A Partial List of Savages

This is a partial list of the savages to be released for Gilad Shalit:

Abdel Hadi Ghanem, an Islamic Jihad terrorist responsible for the 1989 terror attack on Egged bus 405, in which 16 Israelis were killed.

Fahad Schludi, a terror operative who took part in the 1993 abduction and murder of IDF soldier Yaron Chen.

Bassam Abu Sneina and Riyad Asila, who are serving a life sentence for the 1998 murder of yeshiva student Haim Kerman.

Nael al-Barghouthi, the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1978, for murdering an Israeli security officer.

Yehiya As-Sinwar, who was one of the founders of Hamas’ security forces in Gaza and was involved in the abduction and murder of IDF soldier Nachshon Wachsman. He is also the brother of one of the terrorists involved in Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping.

Jihad Yarmur, who was convicted of Nachshon Wachsman’s murder.

Ahmed Najar, former head of the Silwad terror cell, which killed 3 Israelis in six shooting attacks during the al-Aqsa Intifada.

Mohammed Hamada, who was convicted of planning a rocket attack on Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem.
Ruhi Musteha, a senior operative with Hamas’ military wing.

Husam Badran, the former head of Hamas’ military wing in the West Bank, who orchestrated the deadly terror attacks at the Tel Aviv Dolphinarium in 2001, at the Park Hotel in Netanya in 2002 (which killed 30) and at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001 (which killed 15).

Muhammad Duglas, who was implicated in the Sbarro attack, and is serving 15 consecutive life sentences for the murder of 19 Israelis.

And, yet, on places like Daily Kos people are happy that Israel is releasing murderers.

For myself, of course, I am happy that Gilad may soon be freed, but only a moron or a moral pygmy would be happy about the release of murderers.


  1. Happy is not quite the word for it. More like ecstatic and wanting more and more released.

    Assafiban said

    "As Fire Bad Tree Pretty said in the comments, this is a joyous night for 1028 families, one in Israel and 1027 in Palestine. Let us join in congratulating them and sharing their celebrations."

    Not a word about the families and friends of the 599 Jews killed by these savages. Who in their right mind celebrates the release of freaking murders? INSANE people, that's who. Oh , and maybe those who embrace terrorist murders and their goal of killing Jews.

    There is no doubt that some of these Kossacks see all Palestinian prisoners as political prisoners even if they blew up children in restaurants. You have to be one sick, terrorist loving bastard to feel like that.

  2. I suppose it is due to progressive moral equivalency.

    Ya know, Israel has an army and the Palestinians have terrorists.

    Palestinian terrorists are no better or worse than the IDF.

    Everything is equal.

    Sure, it's morally repugnant and just flat-out wrong, but this seems to be the way that they "think."

  3. Here's a more comprehensive list