Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Plurality of American Jews Disapprove of Obama

According to the AJC's 2011 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion, American Jews are not so happy with Barack Obama. While Obama received around 80 percent of the Jewish vote in 2008, his current disapproval rating tops approval by 48 percent to 45 percent.

Therefore, lo and behold, a plurality of American Jews disapprove of Obama's performance as president.

This should surprise no one. Barack Obama has not been a good president, period, and he has been absolutely awful when it comes to the Arab-Israel conflict. Part of the reason that he has been so counterproductive on the I-P question is because he is mired in ideology which he presumably picked up from his friends Edward Said (deceased) and Rashid Khalidi. As someone influenced by hard-left anti-Zionists, he tends to think that the Jews are militarist fascists and the Palestinians are innocent little bunnies.

In a Jerusalem Post article, Kenneth Bandler notes:

Four years ago AJC found that 15% of Jews said they are Republicans, 58% Democrats and 26% Independents. Today, Independents are 38%, while Democrats comprise 45%, and Republicans another 16% of Jewish voters.

So, in other words, the Democrats have trimmed their Jewish sails by 13 percent, going from 58 percent to 45 percent, as the number of Jewish independents has increased from 26 percent to 38 percent.


This is just precisely the kind of good news that I have been looking for.

Time for Jews to get the hell out of the Left. It's not as if the Left stands for anything, anyway. They don't. The Left has given up on its core principals. That much is clear. The Left no longer cares about universal human rights, for if it did it might care about Tibet or Darfur or Congo.

But it doesn't. A mere scan of their publications would tell any sentient human being that this is true. If the Left cared about universal human rights, Daily Kos would not have a ratio of articles of 1242 for Israel and a disgustingly paltry 18 for Tibet.

Nor does the Left any longer care about women's rights. Feminism today has capitulated to multiculturalism and therefore has abandoned Muslim women to the burqa, i.e., gender apartheid in the Arab world.

Furthermore, of course, the western Left has betrayed the Jews through the incorporation of toxic anti-Semitic anti-Zionism into its core venues.

But, y'know, we've been around for about 3,500 years as a people, so I think that we can survive the Democratic Party and the progressive movement. They were never really friends to us, anyways. You guys know about Franklin Roosevelt and European Jews during World War II, yes?

You know about the SS St. Louis?

I think that you do.

930 Jewish refugees from Europe in 1939 were turned away from the Florida coast and were forced back to Germany where they were slaughtered.

Thank you, Franklin Roosevelt.

In any case, it is long, long past time to move on.

The progressive-left has betrayed us along with its own core principals and therefore stands for nothing.

And we certainly owe them nothing.

Besides, given Barack Obama's clear malice toward the Jewish state, do we really want him in the White House for a second term when he won't need the help of Jews to gain office? The guy was horrific enough in his first term that I cannot even imagine what he would be like in a second when he no longer even needs our friendship.

Dump the guy.

Dump the party.

Dump the movement.

Time to move on, folks.


  1. Obama does seem to have a tendency only to stand up to friends.

    He has alienated many supporters. I am unsure, however, if the alternative is really better when it comes to the totality of issues.

    There clearly is an issue with education and the lack of a pro-Israel voice at universities in Europe and the USA.

  2. Time to move on, School.

    Why support a movement that acts directly in opposition to the well-being of Jewish people?

    It simply doesn't make any sense.

    So long as the Left is home to anti-Zionism than surely it is not a home for us.

  3. Wish it was that simple. Is it really different than to say that if only there was a Palestinian state, then all our troubles would end.

    The fact is that Republicans have really not done better geopolitically, with all their bluster, because they seem to only know excess.

    It's not Obama. It's the Arab leaders that will not give up the fight, and so much as Obama tries to theorize about it, he will face this reality in the end. Only those on the extreme, knowingly or not, will continue with delusion no matter what.

  4. Well, you know my argument.

    The Left is a home to anti-Zionism and therefore cannot be a home to us.

    Obama screwed up the possibilities for a negotiated resolution by demanding "total settlement freeze" and has showed distinct hostility to the Israeli PM.

    But, you are right, it is the Arab leadership which absolutely refuses to call off its 100 year old war against the Jews.

    The Palestinians are essentially proxies in the fight.

    They could have peace and a shot at prosperity any time, if they would take it.

    But, the point is that they do not take it, preferring hopes of eventual victory.

    Meanwhile, the progressive movement tends to side with those who want us dead.

    So, that being the case, how can we support that movement?

    We can't and we shouldn't.

    Does this mean that we must go to the Republicans?

    Not necessarily. I'm registered as an independent, now, but more and more I am thinking in terms of moderating the Republican party.

    The Republican party does, of course, have its sane wing. Perhaps we can influence that end.

    But whatever anyone decides to do politically, we must acknowledge the obvious truth that the progressive movement has made of itself a home to anti-Semitic anti-Zionists.

    And, thus, cannot really be a home to Jews.

  5. It's important to confront the haters on the left, but I don't think the rest are anything more than honest people who are misinformed and afraid to confront the haters among them. The haters are the minority in my view, but they make disproportionate noise and intimidate through their authoritarian ideological bent that is not only anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Jew, but anti-West.

    I just wish the mainstream left was more competent and less oblivious, but part of that is also do to the way they are approached in the battle for their minds.

  6. Hate at dKos nets you 8 hours now.

    "and yet yesterday someone posted a series of (3+ / 0-)
    comments denying Jewish peoplehood, pushing the Khazar hoax, and comparing Israel to the Nazis, and that person received a slap-on-the-wrist 8 hour suspension for their antisemitism.

    So the site itself could be doing a better job of tamping down antisemitism.

    by fizziks on Wed Oct 12, 2011 at 12:19:09 PM PDT

    [ Parent ]"

  7. As long as antizionism is acceptable to a movement, that movement is racist. That simple. Why anyone would to hang with antisemitic racists is beyond me; yet they do, happily.

  8. You gotta look at this's fun and it's relevant to Obama.

  9. Aghghg!!!

    I totally wasn't expecting that.

    Thanks for the laugh!