Sunday, October 16, 2011

IDF's Hannibal Protocol.

You know, I am for the deal. Wiser people than I have made the choice. They tell me it was this way or no way and despite my horror I believe them. But it sure hurts to learn that it may lead to this.

"The strategic weapon, the "Judgment Day Weapon" that Hamas wants to acquire, is to capture a soldier.

But no soldier in Battalion 51 will be kidnapped at any price.

At any price. Under any condition.

Even if it means that he blows himself with his own grenade together with those trying to capture him.

Also even if it means that now his unit has to fire a barrage at the car that they are trying to take him away in.

There is no situation. No situation that they will have this weapon."

Golani Battalion 51 commander briefing his troops on the eve of their entry into Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.
Video report broadcast on Israel Television Channel 2 News 16 October 2011

Tip of the hat to Israel Matzav. My apologies for forgetting that initially!

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