Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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You guys may not see a whole lot of me over the next few days as I have an old college buddy coming into town, plus we have our housewarming.

Doodad, I am hoping that you will pick up a little of the slack, as I am out. But, needless to say, do as you will, my friend.

Also, I need to tell you guys that it is no longer possible to comment as "anonymous" on this blog. The reason for that is because it encourages true nastiness, which I simply have no need to put up with.  And when I say "true nastiness" I do not mean any comments of a political nature.

Most of the anonymi were just fine... anonymouses?...  but some were becoming cruel and ugly.

Anyways, I will be in and out as my schedule allows.



Oh, and by the way, check out Bitchin' Kitchen.

Nadia G. Fucking Rocks.

I'm telling ya, were it not for the fact that the left is OK with anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish racism, which puts Jews in actual physical danger,  I would probably be blogging about food... or, maybe, baseball.

Buster Posey is, after all, returning next season.

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