Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Essential Immorality of the Jews

One of the things that we need to face going forward is the fact that the progressive movement, as a group, thinks that the Jews are essentially immoral.

There is no other conclusion that one can possibly draw other than that progressives believe the Jewish people to be comprised of moral pygmies. It is the only possible conclusion given the fact that the left tends to view the Jewish state as a racist, colonialist, imperialist, endeavor heavily invested in gobbling down Palestinian children for lunch.

I am perpetually amazed at how ideology and group-think prevents people from drawing the obvious conclusions inherent in their own statements. For example, if Israel is even one-eighth as horrible as so many progressives claim that it is... as they echo the blood libel of the Middle Ages... what does that say about Jews, in general?

If Israel is out there torturing innocent Palestinian babies purely for the fun of it (I exaggerate just a tad... but only just a tad) then what must we conclude about Israel's Jewish supporters in the diaspora?

It can only mean that Jews are rotten human beings who, purely for our own self-interest, support a malignant country and a malignant nation. That is precisely the implication of progressive defamation of the Jewish state.

It means that you, if you care about Israel, and the well-being of the Jewish people, are something akin to a monster. This is what they are telling you on a daily basis, even as you continue to support progressive causes and progressive venues and progressive organizations.

We bow and scrape before an ideological / political movement that holds us in contempt. Even the good guys, or nice ladies, who never say a negative word about the Jews, still support venues that demonize the Jewish state continually, thus putting Jews in actual physical danger.

Why did those Palestinian kids chop the head off of a 3 month old baby Jewish girl?


Either the Fogels deserved it or they did not. I would venture to say without the slightest hesitation that they most certainly did not. Yet when western progressives constantly portray Israel in the very worst light possible, and when they portray these "settlers" in Judea as the worst human beings in the world, it helps create an atmosphere in which violence against Jews becomes justified in the mind of liberals who see that violence as morally righteous "resistance."

This despite the fact that we have lived precisely with that same anti-Jewish violence for century after century in the Middle East, long, long before the country of Israel even existed.

What I would suggest is that we have absolutely got to stop thinking in the routine categories with which we have grown accustomed, precisely because those categories (categories of Jewish / Israeli guilt) are not only false, but very much in opposition to the well-being of the Jewish people.

The situation is growing more and more grim and well-meaning Jewish liberals are not very well helping matters. The reason for that is because most Jewish liberals, including myself until fairly recently, have yet to think our way out of the box of Palestinian Arab propaganda concerning us.

They have been telling us for at least 1,400 years what horrible human beings we are to such an extent that we wonder if they are not right.

It is what I once called The Palestinian Colonization of the Jewish Mind and what Kenneth Levin calls The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Seige.

It is the idea that we are basically wrong and the Arabs (and their progressive allies) are basically right and what we need to do is figure out just what hoop we must jump through in order to make the Arabs and the Palestinians happy.

If only we would do this, that, or the other. If only all the Jews in Israel would line up holding hands, while jumping up and down on one foot while facing Mecca, then there would be peace.

Never mind that the Arabs have never accepted a Palestinian state in peace next to the Jewish one and still do not, despite the imminent bid for Palestinian statehood.

{I am not opposed to the UN bid, by the way. I am actually fairly ambivalent about it and consider it much ado about little. Not much ado about nothing, certainly, but much ado about little... probably... perhaps!}

In my opinion, however, we need to unequivocally stand up for ourselves.

So long as we tend to think of ourselves as basically guilty, the Palestinians and their progressive allies will be more than happy to concur and spread the malicious word.

The truth is that the Palestinian people are responsible for their own fate. They could have accepted a state for themselves in '37 and '47 and '67 and 2000 and 2008, yet they refused.

And that is not the fault of the Jewish people, nor the Israelis.

The left holds us in contempt.

I say that we spit it right back at them.


  1. When you are right (which IMO is almost all the time,) you are really right. Did you know for example that the most rational actor in the Gilad Shalit affair is Hamas? Yep, according to Assafiban and his cohorts.

    "Look at these Hamas, supposedly the loonie, bloodthirsty, worse-than-Nazis beyond-the-pale toxic factor, whose presence and power makes any progress impossible. They took their prisoner and kept him for 5+ years. Didn't pick his toes apart, didn't get tempted into executing him - even, for example, as our military was pounding the Gaza homes right above their heads, dropping tons and tons of bombs every day and killing hundreds of civilians - probably including family members and close friends of Shalit's own personal prison guards, some 3 years ago.

    No. They took him in order to strike a deal. They wanted to get a deal and have been extremely rational about it. The outline of the deal has been on the table for years (that, incidentally, is the topic of Conversation #2). Israel went back and forth, hemming and hawing. They waited. And when the time came, they kept their side of the deal."

    Good old Hamas....favorite of the Pro-P Kossacks. The sick sons of ........something.

    Yeah, Israel bad, Palestine good.... repeat Ad nauseam:

    "But really, please open your eyes. You've been had.

    Israel's government can sign a workable, viable, reasonably fair peace deal tomorrow, if it only wanted."

    Oh and Assafiban not only trashes Bibi and the right; everyone gets it a dose. IOW all Israelis are bad, except of course those who think like Assafiban.

    Ptui! Hope it hit a few of them.

  2. Oh and in case anyone thinks his side's virtual silence on the Mets diary yesterday means they don't care about families of terrorist victims take heart.

    "I have sympathy to families of victims who see perpetrators and the people who assisted them go out of prison. It is downright unpleasant and disheartening."

    Yeah, downright unpleasant and disheartening. I can see the pain in his eyes. Darn unpleasant murdering genocidal terrorists...darn them.

  3. Assaf is a dhimmi.

    He's a Jewish Tom.

    Hammas kidnapped Gilad Shalit and somehow because they didn't kill the kid, this means that they should be "partners" for peace.

    I mean, how dimwitted must one be to think like this?

    It just staggers the imagination.