Monday, October 31, 2011

Troubadour Is Back

After a long absence from I/P (not long enough) the Troubadour is back trying to conflate OWS teargassing with Israel. Typical "Israel bad-24/7" routine we all have come to expect from Kossacks. Luckily not everyone is buying it.

Something about this doesn't feel right. (10+ / 0-

It feels like an attempt to use what happened here (Oakland) as a way to pull us into the I/P thrash. It frankly feels exploitative.........

Trying to link Oakland to the I/P situation strikes me as an effort to get us to collectively take sides on that, regardless of whatever divisiveness may occur locally here as a consequence. We need more divisiveness like we need more rock-throwers and more tear-gas. Please don't do it."

by G2geek on Sun Oct 30, 2011 at 08:20:37 PM PDT

Don't beg G2geek: they will do it as long as they can. It's what they do.


  1. This is truly moronic.

    The attempt to somehow link what is going on in Oakland with whatever may be happening in the Israeli territories could not be more facile or superficial.

    The Troubadour is kind of an idiot, actually.

  2. btw, thanks for keeping the home fires burning.

  3. That diary is particularly telling, and a pathetic attempt of comparison, and it's great that someone called him out.

    I though that the diarist's explanation was ludicrous as well:

    "A study of what happens in the West Bank may help us here in the States be prepared for what can occur as we steel ourselves to remain peaceful. Something that will become increasingly difficult to do if forces stupidly continue to use such items on peaceful gathering."

  4. Also, of course, the Oakland riots were not peaceful.

    You cannot surround cops and throw bottles at them while screaming obscenities and then claim to be peaceful.

    They're not peaceful.

    They are, in fact, thugs.

  5. YW Karma. Hope you had a great visit.