Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Liberal Jews Cannot Face Reality

One of the more significant developments on the progressive-left when it comes to the Long Arab War Against the Jews is in the failure of liberal Jews to recognize that the Jews of the Middle East are in a war that has been going on for almost one hundred years, a war that they did not start and do not deserve.

What we are witnessing is not Jews being mean to Palestinians and Palestinians responding to that meanness, as they would tell you on the left, but something close to the exact opposite. Liberal Jews will almost never face this, however, because to do so puts them in conflict with their own political movement. If liberal Jews insist that Israel has every right to defend itself and that Hamas and Hezbollah are genocidal organizations that seek the murder of Jewish people than we are derogated as "racists."

Most progressives do not really mind Arab efforts to murder Jews and if we say so (that is, if we speak the truth) than we get harassed and spit at by people who are alleged to be our political allies. The problem, of course, is that the progressive-left is not a political ally of Jews, period, and that is also something that we must never acknowledge because to do so puts us directly into conflict with our "friends."

But they aren't our friends and that's the point.

Liberal Jews absolutely refuse to acknowledge the obvious because they do not want to pay the social price necessary for doing so.

Events, however, may force them, yet, to recognize what they refuse to recognize or speak about what they refuse to speak about. The time may come, perhaps during the next Israeli war, when they may have little choice because no matter the events leading up to that war, progressives will blame everything on us.

They do so because they place ideology and politics above truth. If a given truth does not bolster their ideology than either it gets ignored or it gets distorted in such a manner as to do so. For example, the pipe and knife wielding Jihadis aboard the Mavi Marmara are represented on the left as "peace activists."

We have video footage of these "peace activists" attacking the IDF and yet progressives still insist that the Jihadis attempting murder were peaceful. Its as if they do not recognize violence against Jews as violence. We, needless to say, cannot afford any such luxury.

The left is dead.

Time to bury it, because it is stinking up the joint.

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