Monday, October 24, 2011

Canada Gives Genocidal Palestinian the Boot

Palestinian envoy is asked to leave Ottawa after controversial tweet

Controversial? I suppose that is true if you consider calling for murder to be merely "controversial."

The diplomatic cold shoulder was sparked when Ms. Sobeh Ali took to Twitter this month to circulate a link to a video posted on YouTube, telling her followers on the social-media message system to “check this video out.”

The video shows a Palestinian girl, in tears and shouting with passion, reciting a poem in Arabic, “I am Palestinian.” The English subtitles on the video include a passage where millions are called “to a war that raze the injustice and oppression and destroy the Jews.”

Canada is probably one of the best friends that the Jewish state, and the Jewish people, have in the world.


  1. This is consistent with it also being It is the first country to sign the Ottawa Protocol on Combating Anti-Semitism.;postID=3154782623699742905

  2. For some reason, I do not expect this story to make the NYT.

  3. This is not her first gaffe

    Posted by: Honest Reporting Posted Date: 09/27/2011
    In comments eerily reminiscent of Libby Davies of the NDP and Helen Thomas, formerly of Hearst News Service, Linda Sobeh Ali, the Charge D'Affaires for the Palestinian General Delegation to Canada, claimed in an interview on CBC Radio's "The Current" news program yesterday that Israel has been occupying territories since 1948, the year Israel declared its independence. In doing so, Ms. Sobeh Ali has essentially claimed that Israel has no right to exist.

    Read HonestReporting Canada's latest alert: Palestinian Representative to Canada Claims Israeli "Occupation" Began in 1948"