Saturday, October 8, 2011


To be on the water is a beautiful thing.


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  2. "Family members of Hakim and Amjad Awad from the village of Awarta were allowed to pick olives on Sunday within the boundaries of the Jewish village of Itamar. Six months ago, Hakim and Amjad Awad stole into Itamar on a Friday night and murdered Udi and Ruti Fogel and three of their children HY"D (May God Avenge their blood). The Awad cousins gathered important intelligence information about Itamar during last year's olive harvest. On Sunday, 12-year old Tamar Fogel, the eldest daughter of Udi and Ruti and one of three surviving Fogel children, could only look on helplessly as the Awad clan taunted Itamar residents.
    Settlers in Itamar were outraged Sunday morning after Palestinians from Awarta arrived in Itamar for their annual olive harvest in the settlement. According to the settlers, among the Palestinians who arrived in Itamar were the family members of Amjad and Hakim Awad who brutally stabbed and murdered five members of the Fogel family six months ago.

    The settlers claimed that the Palestinians shouted "We'll Fogel you" and drew their fingers across their necks indicating slaughter......

    Dozens of women and children from Itamar protested against the move, including Tamar Fogel who lost her parents and three siblings in the heinous terror attack. Several settlers threw rocks at Palestinians, one was lightly wounded. Security forces separated the two sides.

    According to Itamar settlers, during last year's harvest, Hakim Awad entered the settlement and gathered information ahead of the massacre. "This is an abominable case of insensitivity," they said, "In previous years yeshiva students harvested the olives for the Palestinians and transferred them to Awarta's residents free of charge.

    "After intervention from left-wing activists we were forced to allow the village residents to carry out their own harvest, but it is clear that with a little bit of thought and creativity we could have found a solution." The settlers claim that this is an "absurd situation where the family of the killer harvests olives meters away from where he butchered an entire family."

    Itamar residents had warned last year against allowing 'Palestinians' from Awarta to enter their town.
    .... A year ago, exactly, I warned the army commands and the Civil Administration, that terrorists can use the olive harvest as an opportunity to collect intelligence before attacking. In spite of all my warnings, hundreds of Arabs from the village Awaratha were allowed into Itamar to harvest the olives. Among them was the murderer Hackim Awed, who then collected information before the massacre. I would expect that this year there would be some logical consideration.

    The Civil Admin' has surrendered, yet again, to the radical left wing and has endangered the life of Jews.

    At this time the women of Itamar are protesting in the Itamar harvest areas. – Among the protesters is Tamar Fogel, orphan of the murdered family."

    Unbelievable. PC gone crazy.

  3. Bound to happen because the left is that way.

    "Wall Street Protests Marred by Anti-Semitism
    October 5, 2011 by MHI
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    Wall Street Protests Marred by Anti-Semitism
    by Seth Weiss
    While the Left celebrates the Wall Street occupation with much fanfare — including endorsements from Michael Moore, Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, and Susan Sarandon — an anti-Semitic undercurrent in the protests goes largely unchallenged. Consider Nathalie Rothschild’s account in the Huffington Post of the noxious response elicited by her unflattering portrait of protesters in the online journal Spiked. According to Rothschild:
    I received a string of indignant emails and tweets about my Jewish, kleptocrat banking connections; demands that I reveal the details of my pay checks and that I come clean about my not-so-hidden agenda. I was told that my family name disqualifies me from having any opinion about the protest and that I have ‘the karma of a demon’. One reader posted my article online, headlining the post ‘Journalist & Jew – Nathalie ROTHSCHILD’. [1]
    There have also been reports of protestors at Wall Street holding signs with clearly anti-Semitic statements; one such sign instructs passersby to search on Google for “Wall St. Jews,” “Jewish Billionaires,” and the like. [2] A recent post on the online Public Forum of the NYC General Assembly, the decentralized grouping that has emerged as the leadership of the movement, notes that “It is common for statements to be made, placing overwhelming blame and responsibility on Jews for the economic crisis” and asks “what can be done about the existence of anti-Semitic statements made by so-called supporters of the protest?” The post has received responses accusing the author of pursuing a “witch hunt” and others suggesting that readers “Look into who was involved in setting up the Federal Reserve in 1913.” [3]
    The initial call for the September 17th Wall Street demonstration came from the Canadian-based AdBusters, an activist publication focused on “culture jamming” and anti-consumerism, which once published a list of prominent neo-conservatives with black dots placed adjacent to the names of the Jewish ones. The list appeared as part of a March/April 2004 piece, entitled “Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?” and written by AdBusters’ co-founder and editor-in-chief Kalle Lasn, which alleges that neo-cons have a “special affinity for Israel” that shapes U.S. policy in the Middle East. Lasn, claiming to “tackle the issue head on,” offers up “a carefully researched list” of “the 50 most influential neocons in the US” and stresses that “half of the them [sic] are Jewish.” [4]"

    Think the antisemitic aspect of the Occupywallstreet events will ever be discussed at dKos? Sure, soon as elephants fly. Why can't the left do one fucking thing, just ONE that doesn't bring out the antisemitism. We here at Israelthrives know the answer. How about you?

  4. Thanks for both these comments!

    I saw this from the Atlanta "occupation" where John Lewis was not allowed to speak.

    What struck me was the group behavior. It was rather sad to see and to imagine where this will go.

  5. "While Rep. Lewis told CBS Atlanta he was not angry over the group’s decision and still supports them, some who came to attend the Occupy Atlanta event are now disassociating themselves from the splintered movement.

    “I am angry because this is not what democracy is all about,” said Michelle Williams to CBS Atlanta. Williams had came to support the movement but left in disgust after seeing the treatment of Rep. Lewis.

    “This is Marxist more Stalin like. Your movement, you’re just riff-raff. You’re an organized mob.”

  6. "Anatot Invader - Serial Rapist

    According to Maariv, Yassin Rifai, the Arab who claims land in Anatot and was the trigger for the violence at the community over Rosh Hashana, is a convicted rapist:

    He is married to a Jewess, a former resident of Gaza. He and his borthers claim land within the boundaries of Anatot. He has been sentenced in one case of a rape of two tourists to 14 years in jail.

    It seems the anger of Anatot residents is colored by several complaints to the police they have made against him for following around children, photographing them and even hurling rocks at them, which he denies."

    Not condoning their violence but sometimes there is more to a story, isn't there?