Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Progressive-Left Racism

One of the features of progressive-left racism is that when called out for it they almost always suggest that there is some nefarious alternative motive in doing so. In other words, if a "progressive" also happens to be a racist, or an anti-Semite, and someone calls that racist out as a racist the accuser then gets accused of really wanting to keep down poor people or to abuse Palestinians or whatever else.

The progressive-left, which is actually considerably more racist than is the American right-wing, seems entirely incapable of looking at itself in the mirror. It harbors anti-Semites as part of the anti-Zionist movement which it has accepted as part of its constituency. And it condescends, in an entirely racist and imperial fashion, to Muslims and Arabs whom they tend to treat like children.

In this way the progressive movement exhibits prejudice toward both Muslims and Jews. Progressive "Islamophobia" takes the form of condescension while progressive anti-Semitism generally gets shrouded under the language of anti-Zionism, which in itself is a racist movement. The reason that anti-Zionism is racist is because it rejects for the Jews what it pretty much accepts for everyone else, i.e., self-determination and self-defense.

It seems to me that at this point Jewish people need simply to stop supporting a political movement that stands directly in opposition to our own well-being. I know that I am banging this drum pretty hard, but it remains the case that the progressive movement, and the activist base of the Democratic Party, has betrayed the Jewish people and should therefore be rejected by the Jewish people.

There are no other people on the entire planet that would support a political movement that acts directly in opposition to its own well-being and the progressive movement does, in fact, act directly in opposition to the well-being of Jewish people. We see this daily. Whether it is the direct racism of someone who would feature a corrupted Star of David on her website, or if it is the more regular response of simply ignoring that overt racism, the progressive movement simply does not stand in our corner.

Daily Kos represents proof positive of this assertion. On a daily basis within progressive-left venues such as Daily Kos, Jewish people are subject to constant abuse if they dare to actually stand up for the Jewish state which is perpetually slandered, defamed, and demeaned in such venues. What's worse, really, is that Jewish kids at university are subject to abuse from their progressive-left peers who have a tendency to swallow the "Palestinian narrative" of total victimhood whole.

This being the case, we must move on.

This being the case, we have no choice but to stand the fuck up and say, "NO."

By all accounts, although somewhat under the radar, this is already happening. The polling data, as I have recently discussed, shows Jews abandoning the Democratic Party. One thing that me and the anti-Semites presumably have in common is that we are both happy with this development. The anti-Semites are happy because they do not want us around to begin with. I am happy because it shows me that Jewish people are finally coming to their senses.

Barack Obama has, unfortunately, not been a good president and the progressive movement is hostile to the Jewish people.

If this is still not obvious than it is only because the reader is reading with his or her eyes entirely shut.

As an old friend of mine used to like to say, Wake the Fuck Up.

That is all.

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