Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Canadian Jews Shift to the Right

The political sands are shifting beneath our feet and western Jews are waking up to the fact that the progressive movement is not a friend.

In Canada things seem to be shifting rapidly among that country's Jewish population.

An Ipsos Reid exit poll of voters in the last federal election found that 52 per cent of Jewish voters supported the Conservatives, 24 per cent the Liberals and 16 per cent the NDP. If remotely accurate, the exit poll reflected an enormous shift in voter preference among Canadian Jews...

The same shift away from traditional political moorings and toward the political right is under way in the United States, where Jews are migrating to the Republicans. A congressional seat in New York City with a large Jewish population that had been Democratic since the mists of time just elected a Republican. And Republican presidential candidates are falling over themselves to berate President Barack Obama for not being sufficiently supportive of Israel.

I am not advocating that Jews vote Republican, although I may do so in the coming years.

I am, however, advocating for Jews to vacate the progressive movement and the Democratic party because they have made themselves a home to anti-Semitic anti-Zionists.

Why participate in a political movement that stands directly in opposition to Jewish well-being?

Why must we perpetually have to defend ourselves from defamation coming from our alleged political allies?

It just makes no sense.

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