Friday, October 7, 2011

We Have a Visitor

Anonymous said...

Hey, isn't today Yom Kippur?

Instead of spewing your usual crap here, shouldn't you douchebags be in synagogue apologizing to G_d for all your anti-Arab racism, and for all the antisemitic smears you've directed at Jews like Assaf and Heathlander who are critical of Israeli government policies towards the Palestinians?

October 7, 2011 11:40 AM

This is the progressive-left.

This is not the hard-right. It is not neo-Nazis or Skinheads, but anti-Zionist progressivism.

This is your movement.

When you support the progressive movement, this is what you are supporting.

I recommend against it.

The progressive movement, and the grassroots of the Democratic party, have become the home of the today's Nazis, essentially.

They do not care about human rights. They do not care about social justice. They do not care about feminism. And they sure as shit do not care about the well-being of Jews or the fact that we suffered 1,400 years of second and third class citizenship under the boot of Muslim imperialism.

For 1,400 years the Jews of the Middle East lived under Arab and Muslim oppression, yet as soon as we free ourselves, we are told by "liberals" that we are racist.

Welcome to the Democratic Party and the progressive movement.

You must be very proud.

{And, to think that I did not know if I was going to write anything today until this KosNazi dropped by to say, "hello."}

By the way, I noticed that Kos, himself, dropped into fizzik's diary concerning the problems with progressive-left I-P discourse. He acknowledged no anti-Semitism and he acknowledged no anti-Zionism in Daily Kos I-P discussion. In this way Markos entirely ignored the very problem that he helped create.

Markos is responsible for his website. If Daily Kos has emerged as one of the foremost centers of Left anti-Zionism than he is responsible for that because he owns the joint.

We need to vacate the progressive-left and the Democratic Party until they rid themselves of this growing anti-Jewish racism. If they refuse to do what the Republican Party has done, i.e., face up to its anti-Jewish racism, than we should most certainly have nothing further to do with that party or its movement.

Have I mentioned recently that the Left is dead to me?

The Left is dead to me.


  1. Such nice people they can be. They only criticize Israel, after all.

    They love humanity, peace, goodwill. That is why they offer such words.

    Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  2. Thanks! Same to you. I must admit, however, I am terrible being observant.

  3. Yeah, I'm not very religious, either, but I do like to give, at the very least, a nod of recognition toward the religion and the traditions.


  4. by the way, just what do you disagree with?

    Daily Kos is a progressive-left blog, is it not?

    These statements are coming from people who considers themselves liberals, right?

    Does that not suggest that progressive-left has become a home to anti-Zionists and anti-Semitic Israel Haters?

    Why should we support a political movement that is home to anti-Zionists?

    And how is my logic faulty?

  5. How is your logic faulty?

    Because this is one douchenozzle anonymous waste of space on the intertoobs. Not the entire progressive or Democratic Left not too mention the Democratic party.

    I can show you individual statements of people on the Right that are anti-Semitic from Glenn Beck on forward. Does that make the entire conservative movement in the U.S. anti-Semitic?

    You know, Karma - I grew up in a small Irish/Italian working class town in NY with very few Jews. This town would be on the cover of "Teabagger Monthly" it was that conservative. There was a fuckload of anti-Semitism there, but not everyone was an anti-Semite. However, using your logic as posted I would be saying all Republicans and Conservatives are anti-Semites.

    What this comment and the actions of Markos Moulitsas say is that he doesn't care if his little part of the progressive left engages in "soft anti-Semitism".

    Remember the people of Team Shalom, Ha Yishuv, Elders of Zion and other groups there are also part of the Progressive/Liberal left. How about them? Are they anti-Semites???

    Finally, this: "Why should we support a political movement that is home to anti-Zionists?"

    You keep talking about leaving the Democratic party... Well do you think the Republicans are any better? I mean what party is Ron Paul the beloved candidate of Phil Weiss and MondoFront? You think the Paulbots are Pro-Zionists? The guy places high in every straw poll, he has millions of supporters. Go read about what the people on StormFront think about Ron Paul. They all support him. Hey and guess what? They are not liberal OR Progressive.

    I hope that answers your question Karma...

    BTW, G'mar Hatimah Tova I wish you and your lovely wife a peaceful Yom Kippur.

  6. starts at sundown,

    g'mar hatimah tova


  7. I disagree.

    You just refuse to even consider the proposition. It is not just about Daily Kos, it is about the progressive-left more generally.

    That includes all sorts of venues that are home to anti-Zionists, such as the Huffington Post and the UK Guardian and so forth.

    It is thus the movement itself which is the problem.

    Furthermore, I am not saying that the entire movement is anti-Semitic. What I am arguing is that the movement provides a home to anti-Semitic anti-Zionism and therefore we should stop supporting the movement.

    Furthermore, I have said nothing about the Republicans one way or the other. The Republican party is more supportive of Israel. That's true. But I have not advocated for them.

    I am saying that it is long, long past time to acknowledge the obvious.

    And it is more than obvious that the Left is a home to anti-Zionism.

    You know it as well as I. The only difference is that I object enough to stop supporting the movement and the party.

    If Jews should reject anti-Zionism then we need to reject the sources of anti-Zionism and among those sources is the progressive movement.

  8. I misspoke.

    I did make a claim concerning the Republicans, that they have managed to clean house, essentially.

    They did that a long time ago, actually.

    It was Buckley who led that charge, if I am not mistaken.

  9. Just how much antisemtism is acceptable? It's like how much wife abuse is acceptable before she should leave? How much child abuse etc.

  10. So Kos has come and gone and the message is still the same to paraphrase the Doobie Brothers

    "Antisemitism is just alright with me, Antisemitism is just alright, oh yeah
    Antisemitism is just alright with me, Antisemitism is just alright

    I don't care what they may say
    I don't care what they may do
    I don't care what they may say
    Antisemitism is just alright, oh yeah
    Antisemitism is just alright

    Antisemitism is just alright with me, Antisemitism is just alright, oh yeah
    Antisemitism is just alright with me, Antisemitism is just alright

    I don't care what they may know
    I don't care where they may go
    I don't care what they may know
    Antisemitism is just alright, oh yeah"

    Same old tune; same old dKos.

  11. The Reps. cleaned house???? Are you kidding?? Hagee, Beck, the Pauls.... What are they, liberal Democrats? Nixon??

    Come on Karma...

    @ Doodad - I don't know, ask the Republicans how much is acceptable - the extreme end of their party is pretty anti-Semitic.

    As far as I am concerned no anti-Semitism is acceptable but it is a fact of life. So what do we do? We fight it whether we are Democrat or Republican within our own "house".

    Anti-Semitism doesn't just exist on the Left, in fact I would bet anything it is far more prevalent on the Right.

  12. Well, the thing of it is is that the anti-Zionist BDS movement comes out of the progressive-left.

    It is not a movement of the Right, but of the Left.

    There may be individual racists on the Right, just as there are individual racists on the Left. But it is on the Left wherein we find anti-Zionism as an active movement.

  13. Yeah but, VB, as I say, there are individual racists found everywhere, but the BDS movement comes from the Left, not from the Right.

    Anyways, the sun is going down and I do wish all you guys a terrific Yom Kippur.


  14. Volley, forget the Republicans. We are talking about the left here. Most of us here are from the left and still connected ideologically to it. I'm no righty; they can look after their own house. I want my house clean. I want your house cleaned.

  15. "...apologizing to G_d for all your anti-Arab racism, and for all the antisemitic smears you've directed at Jews like Assaf and Heathlander..."

    Ignorant of Judaism as well.

    The Day of Atonement is for making amends to God alone—the transgressions toward Him, and only Him. Whatever a Jew has between him and a fellow human being is to be addressed between them. HaShem does not forgive one's transgressions made toward another human being (that, by the way, is one of the reasons for the Jews' rejection of Christianity—vicarious forgiveness of sins is rejected by Judaism).


    Not to suggest there are absolutely no problems with the Republicans, but Ron Paul is controversial in Republican circles, mainly because he's an arrival from outside, from the Libertarian front, which is usually associated with the Independents.


    A point to ponder is that the Jew-hating neo-Nazis have been all but marginalized by the present American Right, while the Jew-hating (under the cover of anti-Zionism) Marxists are becoming, if they haven't already finished becoming, the center of the present American Left.

  16. VB: I was once a "progressive", I was once a Democrat. No more. I was also once on Kosfront. After my experiences for years with the "progressive" left, the Democrats, gender feminists, GreenDems, and the like, I had enough. There is nothing left for me there, for any Jew.

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