Saturday, October 22, 2011

It Was Cheaper To Kill Jews Back Then

As they reintegrate into their societies we hear from the released terrorists. This latest one is a real dilly.

Released prisoner praises Hamas for kidnapping Schalit

By KHALED ABU TOAMEH 10/23/2011 01:09

Islamic Jihad member brags of details of stabbing spree, says "path of resistance" the only way to free Palestinian prisoners.

A Palestinian terrorist who was released in last week’s prisoner-exchange agreement with Hamas boasted over the weekend that “it used to cost me only NIS 3 to kill a Jew.”

Khaled Juaidi, a member of Islamic Jihad who spent 25 years in prison for murdering three Jews, told the Hamas-affiliated newspaper Falasteen Al-An: “I used to buy a knife or dagger for a NIS 1.5 and then pay another NIS 1.5 to get to the area to carry out the operation.

Juaidi was convicted of stabbing to death three Jews in different parts of the Gaza Strip in 1986.

His knifing sprees triggered a wave of stabbings of Jews in the Palestinian territories and Israel back then. His supporters refer to him as the man who sparked the “revolution of knives” against Jews....."

As disgusting as this pig is it's good these scum are talking out, letting the whole world know how perverse they are and how perverse are those who worship them and praise their deeds. Yes, world, this is what Jews face in Israel everyday. Think about that next time you are tempted to support these so called resistance fighters. Pray they never come to your country and get mad at you.


  1. And as much as these people continue to celebrate wantonness, rather than peace, far too many "human rights activists" will simply ignore what is clear aggressive intent that international law and human rights conventions like the UN Charter were formed to eradicate.