Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Volleyboy1 Banned

Markos is chopping off pro-Israel Jewish heads left and right, now.

Volleyboy1 was probably the most prominent pro-Israel advocate left on Daily Kos.

Also, I know for a fact that the guy's advocacy extended well beyond Daily Kos into arenas that are actually well-respected.  It certainly seems to me that VB's advocacy on Daily Kos had run its course and he may be poised to shoot for higher class venues, anyway.

The question, tho, is just why was VB banned?

The last "diary" that he participated in was this one by Assaf:

Israeli Settlers Mob-Assault Activists, with Police Looking on +UPDATE

In that diary some Kossacks compared Jews to Nazis and this is what Volleyboy1 objected to.

And for this the guy gets banned?

We need to discuss this.

It suggests that the Left is spitting out its Jews as it incorporates anti-Semitic anti-Zionism as part of its menu. The irony of it is that Volley has been speaking up for the progressive-left right at the moment that Jews are getting the boot from that movement if they happen to care about Israel.

Daily Kos just made his efforts that much harder.


  1. For the record.. .I have no idea why I was banned. NO explanation, nothing. I didn't even have a hidden comment.

    My guess is that is was either calling weasel out for his making and then uprating an analogy between Jews and Nazi's or perhaps it was because I called out unspeakable for supporting "Israel first trolls" and calling people "Pro-Occupation users". Or maybe it was for calling out Assaf for turning a blind eye to hate speech.

    It really is bizarre, but, meh... it is Markos' site and he can do whatever he pleases with it. If he wants to turn a main democratic site into a place where Jews get called Nazi's and the people that make that comment get away with it... so be it. That is his choice.

  2. What are you complaining about volleyboy? The comments you are pissed about, the ones comparing Jews to Nazis, WERE HIDDEN. They're not even visible.

    None of us know what really happened in that thread because IT WAS HIDDEN. Which is what you should be happy about, but instead you decided to flip out and insult people, which is typical of you. In this case, moderation worked, and you were STILL unhappy.

    You've always been a hot headed dick who insults people right and left. That's why you were banned. It's no big mystery. The big mystery is why it didn't happen sooner.

    Syonara volley. Your banning made my night. hahahaha

  3. LOL it figures that a banning would make your night you pathetic waste of space, I mean that is sort of weird thing to get all happy about. I get that having no life worrying about what I do or say is important to you but to take joy in someone else's misfortune (well not really misfortune) is really, really sad. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

    And despite the fact that some were hidden certainly does not cover the fact that some were made and defended by active users. I mean here is weasel making one:

    In this case, I find myself troubled. You have rightwing nationalist militias organizing openly and supported by powerful elements within the government, who are violently attacking leftists and minorities. We're nearly to the stage where you have to twist to avoid the (Nazi) analogy.

    and here is a comment he uprated:

    It seems quite repressive and the Israelis should be aware of their actions if they are like the WW2 German governement don't you think?

    This along with Assaf's blind eye and unspeakable's and soysauce's total support for Nazi analogies and insults of Jewish posters makes one shake their head at just how much will be allowed. But hey it's Markos' site, he gets to do what he wants.

    Oh and hey, fucktard... it was not that the comments were hidden or that community moderation hid one.. It was that the screaming offensiveness of calling Jews, Nazi's that was not only supported but uprated that pissed me off. G-d you are stupid.

    As for why I was banned, who knows... I was never told. You sure as hell weren't - anonymous you shit eating coward.

    (Look, at least I have to live up to my reputation for being a "hot-headed dick").

    Nah really, who is complaining? I am really more baffled than anything else. But glad I could make your night. Makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. And, of course, you, Anonymous, don't have the guts to reveal who you are while you revel in an unexplained banning. Seriously, why is someone who accused Bush and bin Laden of working in tandem, made Nazi analogies, and defended calls for terrorist nuclear weapons still allowed to post, while volley gets banned? Would you like to explain that?

  5. Sorry, guys.

    I deleted anonymous's comment because it was pure malice.

    There is no need to respond to hatred.

  6. The message is now clear. One should feel free to engage in all the hate speech one wants over there, as long as one says 'please' and 'thank you.' Those who call them out are the ones who are considered the problem. I take issue with this approach, but hey it ain't my site. Let it shoot toward irrelevance at the speed of light, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

  7. Well they had to ban Volleyball eventually didn't they? He disturbed the narrative way too much. And yes it's Markos site and yes he knows exactly what he is doing. I mean, there's a fucking reason the swamp has been a dreary hole of antisemitism and hate ALL this time. It didn't start overnight.

  8. Let me add that I'm sorry Volley was banned; he was one of the few voices left there for reason and sanity standing up to the hate. Personally I wish the Pro-I's would just stop posting there altogether and let them have their despicable little circle jerk of hate to themselves. WE can always tell it like it is here or similar places where they can't ban us and where you know they will always PEEK to see what is being said about them. The old adage about working within the system to change it doesn't work in places like the swamp. Exposure is the only consolation.

  9. They're not just 'peeking,' Doodad. They've made it very clear to me and others that they're actively keeping tabs on everything we say and do.

    Which makes me kind of uncomfortable. I don't stalk people across the internet, but quite a few folks there at dKos have already made it known to me that they hold no such apprehensions about doing so themselves.

    They must truly be hits at parties...

  10. LOL Jay. Great part about it is they don't have Markos to protect their sorry antizionist racist asses here. Or Meteor Blades either now that he is what, fighting with the rebels in Libya? HA!

    Maybe Markos and Mondofront signed some kind of alliance treaty.You know, share the wealth of scumbags rather than fight over them.

  11. From the outset of this purge, I've had the theory Markos has finally come to the conclusion there is no room for the I/P debate in a site with the goal of getting Democrats elected. In other words, a shift away from Progressivist politics. It's always been the committed Progressives on DKos who insisted on including "justice for the Palestinians" as part of the Democrat and DKos agenda, despite the clear danger of alienating U.S. Jewish voters.

    My theory can easily be falsified, however: If the purge doesn't end in the ban of the I/P debate, but only in the prevalence of the anti-Israel side, then I'm totally wrong, and the truth will have been found to be the opposite of what I said—to be, as Karmafish said, DKos having chosen to forsake the Jewish constituency in favor of Far Left ideals.

  12. OMG. Surely it's only a matter of time before people say WTF Daily Kos.

    Volleyboy1 fought against anti-Semitism and extremism and advocated for civil rights and the State of Israel.

  13. Thanks Anonymous... I did try to do that. I guess Markos wants to go in another direction.

  14. @ Jay... you know Jay, I think you are on to something here. It's the old country club attitude. I think for the administrative crowd at DKos as long as you smile and say "please" and "thank you" any thing seems to go.

    It is interesting though that for someone who demands politeness and not "being a dick", Markos doesn't have the sense to explain his actions.

    @ Doodad - thanks for the kind words. I don't believe that DKos and 'the Front (as MondoFront should be known) would ever join forces. At 'the Front the anti-Semites and crackpots are front and center, at DKos they are well hidden. As I said MondoFront is like a KKK rally, at DKos it is the "only the house Jews are allowed to be here but see how progressive we are, we let them hang out for a while".

  15. "Committed Progressives," only if you are referring to ones who should be committed to some kind of insane asylum for hate mongers. The debate has hardly been a nuanced one as far as I've observed. Volleyball and those like him could be considered true committed progressives especially if you look at his involvement beyond the I/P debate.....true progressive involvement and orientation.

    The self named Pro-P crowd has been more so the Anti-I crowd while the Pro-I crowd has been more genuinely progressive in nature afaik. One could never accuse Volley of being anti-P and be taken seriously (unless one were from the deranged anti-I crowd.)

    As for Marko' more and better democrats bullshit; that's all it's been afaik. It's always been about getting HIS kind of Democrats elected. Sadly looking at that brand doesn't suggest they would be the kind to continue supporting the current crop's support of Israel.

    While your theory is interesting and worth thought, you give Markos too much credit for my tastes Ziontruth. But then I've always believed he was on the anti-I side and current events just continue to convince me.

    Anon....were that it were true but sadly this will only cheer most Kossacks. They hate the rancor of the I/P debate and will welcome a steady stream of pap even if it is a smidgen antisemitic.....they can live with that being "progressive," and all.

  16. LOL I was joking about dKos and the Front, Volleyball but I love the house Jew comment! You may remember that I have referred before to the "right kind of Jew," attitude vis a vis dKos. My kudos to all those who tried to make a difference there before being inevitably banned or severely sanctioned hoping to keep you in line.

  17. You may notice my use of the word "inevitable," a few times. This belief is based on current events. Immediately following the purge there were a series of diaries basically begging for the right to use antisemitic memes like too much Jewish influence tail wagging dog stuff

    Then came the Jews are not a people assholes (unbanned btw),-Jewish-Return,-and-Insufferable-Western-Bias?via=tag

    Of course the crap was interspersed all throughout other diaries which has erstwhile other titles.

    The point is, there was and is an all out agenda to have these awful talking points acceptable on Dkos; as acceptable as the undeniably "apartheid," meme has been accepted.

    Markos sanctions these and bans those who object to it. Yes, inevitable seems appropriate under the new "diarist protection act."

  18. Take heart my friends, weasel has been banned....


    =the weasel killer

  19. Is it certain VB is banned? Perhaps it's just a time-out, cooling down suspension.

    VB - did I read somewhere you said you received a note? What does that mean? Is it a note from Markos?

    I think Kos banned/suspended? you for disruption. You were taking on six or seven posters at once, all of whom wouldn't leave you alone and all of whom you chose to respond to each and every time. I'm not faulting you, understand, the Nazi crap is infuriating, but that's my read on the situation.

  20. Could be anon... I have BoJo... I don't know if it is permanent or not. There was a note in message box but I can't acess it so I am not sure what it is.

    It could be just that a cooling down period or it could be a permanent ban. I don't think I am going to find out unless someone finds out something different.

    I get what you are saying about disruption (although I think those posters were the ones who were the disruptors not me) but, to ban someone over that or even suspend without giving cause. Well that is a little weird.

    Anyway, I am moving along with my stuff at and I will be supporting and posting articles about the #OccupyWallSt folks because I think that is a good progressive cause. And I do have a site called The Progressive Zionist after all.


  21. You could write to him directly and ask. Do you have the email?

    In any event, the whole "house rules" notion only seeks to entrench the power of majorities there who have an anti-Israel bent and are only prone to speak out when people explicitly cross the line.

  22. They are crybabies aren't they Oldschool. Hence my naming Assaf, Assafiban.

    Volley, I'm with you on the chickens come home to roost stuff to a great extent except to say after the Fogels and the Palmers, the Palestinians have some chickens coming home to roost as well (and I know you acknowledged the culpability as well.)

    I pray things will get better but with all the hate being stirred up there is also fear. Activists should know that too and be a little more careful. Instead they seem to be itching for a fight from the remarks I've seen them make. In watching the videos I noticed some of the settlers trying to keep the more violent ones in check, holding them back and even tackling one. Hopefully these cooler heads will prevail but I'm less than optimistic. Everywhere over there are people itching for a fight and what with the rhetoric coming out of Turkey and Syria, well.....of course Kossacks don't wanna talk about that part of it.

    G-d help everybody when push comes to shove and Obama vetoes. I support that veto for the reason he and the Democratic party does but have little faith in the Palestinian reactions.

    Peace everyone.

  23. This comment is, I think relevant to the whole discussion as well in terms of perspective/provocation, etc.

    "So on Rosh Hashana, a group of Palestinians claiming that a secular yishuv is actually their land, something they can challenge in the Israeli courts and for which there is an entire network of lawyers and NGOs who provide support, alongside a group of pro-Palestinian Israelis went and shoved their beliefs about this land in the faces of families that have been living there for a couple of decades. They did this on a day when everybody was home, with their families, as part of an important Jewish holiday. They blocked the gate without provocation “because they weren’t allowed to pay a visit.”

    The violence is uncalled for, but it seems like some people intentionally wanted to provoke the anger of the people who live there and is now making hay out of the fact they succeeded in provoking. Maybe next time there could be a better way that doesn’t include blocking the gate? Maybe next time you can show that your intentions are peaceful and you’re not trying to get people evicted from homes where they’ve established lives and a community legally and with the blessing of the Israeli government? Oh wait, you are trying to get them evicted. Never mind. I’m sure you’re not really upsetting them. They must think it’s a game and like you guys, they can just move back to Tel Aviv when the game is over."

    Just sayin....

  24. Although I had my problems with his moderation style, and some things he's said, I think MB was probably the best moderator dKos ever had and ever will have.

    The thing about him is that once you talked to him? He'd listen. Believe me on that. He's a good guy, and without him dKos very well may end as a viable site. He really was one of the best people there.

    Markos, on the other hand, acts like my daughter when she was six. As hilarious and satisfying as it is that a few of the more outspoken and abusive bullies on team-P are now "no ratings," and one of the absolute worst of them is banned once again (for good this time, hopefully?), the problem still is that volley was banned last night for calling out bigots.

    "Oh oh, he's a dick!" they'll say. But umm, yeah? Call Jews Nazis and I'll be right there myself. Calling bigots out is as bad as being bigots oneself? No, I still don't buy that. And I'll take Jon's spot from here on out, then. Let him ban me.

    I'll be watching, and commenting. If I miss something, send me an email. Ask Mets, Jon, Paul or Karma. They all have my email. I'll take anything on. Bring it, baby...

  25. Doodad,

    I don't know a lot about how Markos manages his website. I've lurked on DKos for more than five years (since July 2006, when the Second Lebanon War broke out and brought all the creatures out from the woodwork), but I've always confined myself to the I/P threads.

    So far, a lot of people on both sides of the debate have been banned, so maybe this is Markos being pragmatic. But I'll be the first to agree this is just a hunch of mine, and you ex-DKos regulars are far more knowledgeable about Markos than I am.

  26. Oh Ziontruth, it's as good a hunch as any. Keep in mind I have a bias...I hate the little fucker and his site. So I could be off in leftfield and blinded so new eyes are always welcome on these subjects! ;)

  27. I do not get much of a sense that Kos cares about Israel one way or the other.

    I suspect Zion is right. Kos is just trying to manage the ugliness.

    He is not for us, nor is he against. He just considers us, and them, a terrific pain in the ass.

    Which we are!


  28. oldschool, brilliant analysis. Look at Seneca Doane's diary....Does this make me look antisemitic? Or wait, something like that. Basically it was an intellectual mish mash imploring for the right to use antisemitic memes that the Jews have too much power/influence whatever. It was a smooth attempt to avoid the whole concept of the new antisemitism (a hallmark of real antisemitism) and was, because of it's smooth style, well accepted. Hard on its heels came Assafiban's suggestion that Jews had no real connection to Israel and the ensuing "there are no Jewish people," crap and the ever popular, "Zionists wag the tail of the 2 bit whore for Israel, Obama."

    This "easing in," is how the crap starts. A little is accepted, then a little more etc etc etc. There is no doubt where this is all going especially with the banning of razor sharp antisemite detectors like Paul and Volley.

  29. Could be Karma. Bigger fish to fry probably.