Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Jews Are One

I found this comment under a Y-Net article and I thought that I would share it, simply because I like it.

One Jewish People?

Interestingly, the non-Jewish world thinks that there is one Jewish people, "the Jews", but the Jewish people do not. To the Jews, there are those Jews who practice Judaism, and those who do not. There are those Jews who are Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. There are those who see being Jewish as a divine heritage, and there are those who regret their being Jewish because it affects their acceptance in an Anti-Semitic world. There are those who support and identify with Israel and there are those who do not. There are those who quietly anguish over the Holocaust and there are those who are determined that another Holocaust shall never happen. Despite their differences, if there was another Holocaust, Jews would all be treated alike, as one Jewish people.

Syd Chaden, Palermo Calif USA (10.08.11)

We need to acknowledge that political differences do not separate us.

The only exception that comes to my mind is actual anti-Zionism.

If you oppose Jewish freedom then you have a huge problem with me, but other than that we are one.


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