Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Like this Gilad Comment:

Welcome HOME Gilad Shallit!

I wish with all my heart I could hug this young brave man. Not only I, but thousands of Christians across the world have prayed diligently for his release DAILY from the moment he was kidnapped. When I found out last Friday I cried uncontrollably. May he be healed fast, have a great reunion with his precious family and loved ones, marry a wonderful girl, get on with his life, and have a truly fulfilling future! I wish with all my heart I could meet him face-to-face! We are PROUD of you, Gilad! And SO THANKFUl to HaShem!

Merla Watson, Abbotsford, BC - Can (10.18.11)

From YNet.

And this one:

Israeli Mothers' Welcome home Gilad Shalit

Every mother Sobbed as he was dragged along the ground, Every Mother weeps as a son is homeward bound, Every Mother cries for the sons we have not found.

Vicky, Ashkelon Israel (10.18.11)

And this one:

Shehechiyanu VKyimanu Lazman Hazeh

Gilad looks pale, weak, and starved. May he have a gentle and speedy recovery both mentally and physically and may the people of the State of Israel, despite their pain, welcome him with open hearts. Welcome Home. May your new life begin with strength and grace! Hodu Lashem Ki Tov, Ki L'Olam Chasdo.

G Berry, USA (10.18.11)

Boy, this is just something else, I tell ya.

Also this one:

Gilad is Family Member of All Israelis!

Welcome Home Son

Daniel Reuben, Israel/India (10.18.11)

And, unfortunately, this one:

Holocaust survivor

I cannot help but think of Holocaust survivors when I look at the emaciated and pale Gilad.

Amo (10.18.11)

If you guys come across any comments that you would like to share I very much hope that you will do so.

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